About Terry

Terry has inspired countless Australians with his amazing Health Journey that started in June 2018 when he tipped the scales at an astounding 185.5 kg, that's a whopping 409 pounds. 

He made the life changing decision to join the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and lost 100 kg in two years (that's 220 pounds) to reach his goal weight of 85.5 kg (189 pounds) in June 2020.

And what's even more impressive is that he's kept that weight off since then.

Terry celebrated this achievement by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, something that he wouldn't even imagine being able to do before losing weight. 

Terry's success has motivated thousands of Australians to improve their lives via his numerous TV appearances including:- Click the links or images to view the videos

Sunrise Morning Show 2022 - 4 year journey - Link 

Today Extra 2021 - 3 year journey - Link 

Sunrise Show 2020 - 2 year journey - 100 kg loss - Link 

Today Show 2020 - 80 kg loss - Link 

Channel 9 News - 100 kg Covid Success - 2020 - Link 

Channel 7 News100 kg Covid Success - 2020 - Link

Success Story Video 2020 - 80 kg loss - Link 

Salesforce Interview 2022 - 4 year journey - Diet is more important than exercise - Link

Taking motivation to the Next Level
Terry has now taken his passion for inspiring and motivating others to the Next Level with the recent launch of his Online Health and Motivational Group Sessions. These online Zoom sessions will enable you to interact with Terry, and other people just like you, and learn the strategies that enabled Terry to lose 100 kg in two years and keep it off.

Join Terry's Online Health and Motivational Group Sessions and Fast Track your Success! 

Learn the strategies that enabled Terry to lose 100 kg in
two years and keep it off for two years!

Whether you've just started your Health Journey, halfway along, or have reached your goal and are now on Maintenance, Terry's online sessions help you SMASH YOUR GOALS from the comfort of your own home.

Presented by weight loss and health guru, Terry Munro, the rolling ten week program agenda includes the following sessions
  • Session 1 - Food and Nutrition Part 1
  • Session 2 - Food and Nutrition Part 2
  • Session 3 - Food and Nutrition Part 3
  • Session 4 - Plateaus
  • Session 5 - Motivation and Mindset
  • Session 6 - Setting Goals and Celebrating Milestones
  • Session 7 - Exercise
  • Session 8 - Challenges and Dealing with Disappointment 
  • Session 9 - Maintenance
  • Session 10 - Top Tips and Strategies for Success

Terry's Online Health and Motivational Group Sessions will be conducted virtually over Zoom, so you'll be able to join the sessions via your phone, desktop PC, mobile and tablet devices (both Apple and Android).

Don't delay - Fast Track Your Success
Save $300 and get 50% off via Terry's Early Bird Deal

Numbers are strictly limited... Register Your Interest Now by email - Register Now 

Money Back Guarantee
Full refund if you don't absolutely love your first session!

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