My super simple, tasty and nutritious Pumpkin and Corn soup. A step by step on how to make it.

This is perfect for time poor people like me that want to easily make a big batch of super tasty and nutritious Pumpkin and Corn soup.

Prep time is only about ten minutes to throw it all together into the slow cooker, and about ten minutes to blend it at the end. Cooking time is around 6 - 8 hours in the slow cooker.

  • 1.5 kilos chopped pumpkin
  • 500g frozen corn,
  • Crushed garlic (heaps),
  • 1 litre chicken stock,
  • 1 or 2 Continental chicken (or beef) stock pot tub (this makes it really tasty)
Cook it all in a slow cooker on low for 6 - 8 hours.

Blend together

Update - Variation from July 2022.
I now add an extra kilo of chopped / grated carrots to it to bulk it up and increase my vege intake.
Due to the extra bulk, I need to increase the chicken stock to 1.5 litres.
Looks and tastes divine ! 

And of course the beauty of this is that you can add / change the veges to whatever you want.
Just be mindful that if you add potato or sweet potato that this will need to be tracked as bread units on the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.


Here's everything you need.

A slow cooker (If you don't have one, you can get them from Kmart for under $20)
1.5 kilos of chopped pumpkin (Woolies sell 480g packs and Coles sell 500g packs - both $4 each)
- (I'm lazy and buy it pre-chopped, but feel free to chop your own to save money
500g of frozen corn kernels
1 litre of chicken stock (vegetable stock is fine too)

Minced Garlic - As much as you want
Continental Superb Stock - Beef Stock Pot - (The Chicken ones are also fine, I haven't tried vege)

Just start throwing it all in !

Start with adding the diced pumpkin

Next, weigh out 500g of the frozen corn

Add the 500g of corn to the pumpkin.

Then add the one litre of chicken stock on top.

Now add as much of the minced garlic as you want.
As you can see, I add quite a lot of garlic!

Give it a good stir

Now grab one of the Continental Superb Stock - Beef Stock Pots (The chicken ones are fine too)

Yeah... I know this looks disgusting... Just spoon out little bits of the solid stock and spread around the mixture.

Give it a good stir

Set to Low heat and let it cook for 6 - 8 hours.
Stir every few hours if you can, but this is not essential

So you can measure and track this, get a big bowl that you will be storing the finished soup in.
These batches make around 2.8 kilos of soup, which is quite a lot.
People have mentioned it freezes fine, but I just spread mine out over a week for seven nightly serves.

Weigh the pot / bowl BEFORE you start blending the soup to make the final product.
Write that down as we need it later to determine exactly how much we make.

As you can see, my pot weighs 1.9 kilos.

Here's what the soup looks like before blending.

Be careful - this is SUPER HOT / BOILING

Now just get a big ladle and add a portion to blender.
If you don't have a blender, Kmart has them for about $30.

Remember - this is SUPER HOT AND WILL BURN !!!

Don't add too much, usually a third of the blender is enough as too much makes it difficult to blend.

Important - 
Depending on the design of your blender, soup may shoot out of the 'air-holes' / vents in the lid.
The blender is powerful, and I have tiny bits of burning soup shoot out of these holes like hot lava at Krakatoa volcano.

Always ensure you hold the lid down when blending.

Looking Good !!!

Blend till you get a nice smooth consistency

Add to to your

Once you have blended all the soup and added to the pot, time to put the put on the scales to see how much it weighs for the whole batch

The scales show 4.7 kilos total
The pot by itself weighs 1.9 kilos (we weighed that before and wrote it down).

Now to work out how much soup we made, but subtract 1.9 kilos from 4.7 kilos.


Equals - 2.8.

This means we have made a batch of 2.8 kilos of soup !

I divide this up into seven nightly serves of soup, so each night I just serve up 400g of soup.
2.8 kilos - divide by seven nights = 400g per night.

Remember, this freezes perfectly so you can just divide it up and freeze to consume whatever size serve you want.

And here's the finished product.

And here's how I add it to the tracker.
I am using a computer, so screenshots are from a PC.

Under Manage Combos - Create a New Combo.

I just add the frozen corn, the pumpkin and the chicken stock liquid.

See that the soup has a massive 25.9 vege units !
Don't worry, all these vege units are FREE food units.

In fact, I also consume plenty of other veges during the day / week, including frozen peas, corn, carrots for some lunches, tomato and lettuce in other lunches, as well as mushrooms and onion most nights).

Enjoy as much Free Veges as you want !

Now that you have the combo, you can just use a 'portion' of that combo for each serve you eat.
As I have it nightly, I just add the following to my daily tracker.

100 divided by 7 is close enough to 14 ( 7 x 14 is 98)
So I just update the tracker to .14 (which is one seventh).

And this gives me 3.6 vege units, that are both tasty and nutritious (and plenty of fibre to get things moving).

I hope you enjoy my soup, I certainly love it and look forward to it every night.


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  1. looks really good and I am making today... thank you, Terry...

  2. soup is great, just a hint with the measuring,place the bowl on scales ,then zero it then add the soup and it will measure what goes into bowl,all done ,no need for subtracting the bowl weight.

  3. I saw your entry on the private CSIRO FB site and wished to look into it all further. As a soyp-lover, I must say that this looks deliscious, and so simple. Thank you for sharing.