I've lost 100 kg in less than two years!

I've finally reached my ultimate goal of losing 100 kilos.
And I've actually achieved this in less than two years !!!

Actually, it was 103 weeks and one day... BUT WHO'S COUNTING !!!

To really understand this transformation, check out this awesome animated gif of the old me, 2 years ago, morphing into the new me!


And here you can see the comparison of images from my DEXA scans for the last 21 months (I only discovered the DEXA scans three months into my journey).

I love how you can see the 'yellow fat' disappearing from my body over time.

And it is amazing that I was so huge, I didn't actually fit in the scanning area originally, and the technician had to 'cut my body in half, and then mirror it' to get as accurate a scan as possible.

This graph, which is part of the DEXA, shows my fat vs lean mass change over time. Note that as I started my DEXA scans three months in, my start weight was 'only' 169 kg, not the 185.5 kg three months earlier. 
I really wish I had started the DEXAs from day one to really understand my how unhealthy I was at the start of my journey.

My weight loss tracker.
This is another great visual to show how much I have progressed over time.
This shows my start weight at 185.5 kg and finish weight of 85.5 kg and my journey over the two years.

So how much is 100 kilograms?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

44 blocks of this fat
This is an anatomically correct representation of 2.2 kilos - 5 pounds of human body fat.
I've lost 44 of these !

And for a laugh, here are some other cool comparisons to give us some perspective.

I've now lost...

4 big bags of pool salt that weigh 25 kilos each
These things are SO heavy, you can actually see me struggle holding it.
I used to carry FOUR of these on my body 24 hours a day - 7 days a week !

12.5 big bags of dog food that weigh 8 kilos each

500 potatoes - 500 large potatoes that weigh 200g each
Imagine carrying around 500 potatoes all day every day!

100 cartons of one litre Chicken Stock that each weigh one kilo
I use one of these every week when I make my famous, super healthy, Pumpkin and Corn soup

111 tubs of of Peter's Light and Creamy ice cream that weigh 900g each
I enjoy a serve of this a few nights a week just before bed.
Everything in moderation!

50 two litre bottles of milk ! 

200 tubs of butter that weigh 500 grams each

500 wheels of Brie cheese that weigh 200g each
I love my Brie cheese and eat a 1/4 wheel of it every night before bed.

266 standard cans of Coke that are 375 grams
Proud to say I haven't had a can of soft drink for nearly two years!

4,545 Tim Tams that weigh 22 grams each

113,636 M&Ms that weigh 0.88 grams each

8,850 Oreos that weigh 11.3 grams each

2,000 Snickers Bars that weigh 50 grams each

And finally - 

$8,000 worth of Lindt Easter Egg chocolate - 100 kilos at $80 per kilo
That's 100 of these huge one kilo Lindt Easter Bunnies

Well, it certainly has been an awesome journey so far.
I have learned so much about health and nutrition, and it really has become a major focus in my life and I know that I have to focused on my health for the rest of my life.

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