Week 000 - Day 1 - The day I started this journey

Here it is... 
The day I started this journey.
The day I signed up with CSIRO - Total Wellbeing Diet.

I am actually writing this blog post over six months later - Week 030 - to be exact.

It is actually hard to look at these photos of me 30 weeks ago.

I knew I was big, not THAT BIG !

It is both confronting and sobering to look back and realise how unhealthy I was.

Fortunately, even though I was morbidly obese (and still am at 30 weeks later), I never endured any health scares.

My bloods showed that I wasn't pre-diabetic.
My blood pressure was high, but not high enough to need medication.

Sure I was extremely unfit, but I never had a real health scare.
For some reason, I was lucky I didn't have a stroke, or a heart attack.

I look at these photos now and remember.
- How difficult it was to walk up the small flight of stairs inside our house.
- How difficult it was just to slide into a car.
- How difficult it was just putting on the seat belt.
- How difficult it was just tying up my shoelaces.
- How stressful and worrying it was walking into a clothing shop knowing the range was limited.
- How stressful it was eating out and planning ahead to choose which chairs could fit me.
- How stressful it was entering a work meeting with standard chairs with arms that would hurt.
- How I used to constantly worry about breaking a chair.

I still have a lot of those fears, but I now realise I have started my health journey.
That it won't be like this forever.
That one day, I will no longer worry about these things or the myriad of other worries that I have due to my obesity.

And every day, I get closer to my goals.

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