Week 080 - 79.5 kilos (175.3 lbs) lighter over 80 weeks! - A Christmas comparison!

This year has been one of my favourite Christmases ever.
Simply because I am SO MUCH HEALTHIER !

I simply have energy!

I can keep up with my kids now.
I no longer hide in the shadows, I enjoy being 'out there'.

Compare how I look in that photo above (in my favourite new shirt)

This is me at Christmas 2010

I look so unhealthy.
My blood pressure makes my cheeks so red and my face is so puffy.

It's a similar story below, for Christmas 2016

Sure, I've got a great smile, and I took the selfie to try and minimise the number of chins I have, but I still look so bloated and unhealthy.

Compare that with the photo below at a theme park last week, and the difference is astounding.

I can't contain myself.
I am living life, and enjoying every second of it.

I am physically bursting with energy, excitement, vigour and just... LIFE !

And here is another photo from 2010.
Once again, I cringe at the my old former self.

Sure I enjoyed myself back then, but not anywhere as much as I do now.

My journey so far has been life changing!

I now love being photographed.

But best of all, I now join in with my kids.
We had the best Christmas this year.

I no longer sit in the sidelines, I now jump into life, face first!

For a laugh, click on the link or the image below to take you to a video of me attempting to ride the dinosaur (no, not a euphemism) and see how my kids quickly sabotage me!

Link to video -

And for everyone that follows closely, 

Yes... I did reach my goal of losing 80 kilos by Christmas.
In fact, I reached it a week early, on the official weigh in day of Week 079.

I actually cracked the 105 kilo milestone and saw these awesome numbers.
For the record, I started at 185.5 kilos 80 weeks ago, so in fact, I had lost 80.5 kilos in 79 weeks

And I was exactly 104.9 kilos on Christmas Day (with a weight loss of 80.6 kilos).
I reached my goal !

But like most people, I over-ate over Christmas, and the scales jumped up this week.
But I also know that in a week or two, that bump on the scales will disappear and I'll be back on track.

Once again, Consistency will get me through.

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