Week 100 - I've lost more than my neighbour Matt weighs - I'm now lost 97.3 kilos (214.5 pounds) over 100 weeks!

I've actually lost more than how much my ripped neighbour Matt weighs !
I've now lost a massive 97.3 kilos in 100 weeks and he weighs 96 kg!

Yep... I am now the lightest I have been in at least 30 years !!!
If you missed last week's big post about that milestone, check it out here - Link

Amazingly, I have actually lost more than my neighbour Matt !
Don't worry, we practiced social distancing and this is two photos melded together.

It's crazy to think that less than two years ago, I was as big as I am now PLUS my neighbour Matt.
To think that I effectively walked around 24 x 7 carrying Matt around does my head in.

Imagine, every time I got out of a chair, it was the same as me now, but carrying Matt as well.
  • Every time I walked up a set of stairs, I would have been carrying Matt.
  • Every time I walked a few metres, I would have been carrying Matt.
  • Every time I sat in a chair, I would have been carrying Matt.
    • No wonder I was constantly worried about breaking chairs!
And it is no wonder I was constantly out of breath or exhausted, 
I was carrying SO MUCH EXTRA WEIGHT.

But finally I can live my life without all that extra weight.
I can move around effortlessly, without carrying an extra person around all the time!

I can now sit in a car and have SO MUCH ROOM.
I can now sit at my desk, and not be out of breath just from living!

Plus now, I am becoming mesmerised by the the changes in my body.

As well as the obvious changes changes to my energy and fitness levels, there have been some awesome physical changes that I can see.

I am now mesmerised by my ribs and shoulders as I can now see and feel them.
It really is hard to explain how surreal it is to now feel body parts that have been previously covered in fat for decades.

I am also memerised by the fact that I can now see veins in my hands and forearms.
Once again, these were covered in fat for so long that I can't remember seeing them all those years ago.

Plus, sometimes I actually find myself staring at my feet.
This seems really weird, but my feet were slowly disappearing from view over the last sixteen years before I started my health journey. So as I can now see my feet now reappear, it seems like some sort of magic trick!

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