Welcome to my Health Journey - I've now lost 100 kilos in less than two years !

After two years I have reached my goal of losing 100 kilos and I am now on maintenance.

This animated gif shows exactly how much I have changed physically over my health journey.
As my 11 year old son delightfully advised me, "You can now see your ears".
This image still blows my mind as it really shows how much my physical size (my chest, arms and face) have changed over this journey.

And here you can see the comparison of images from my DEXA scans for the last 21 months (I only discovered the DEXA scans three months into my journey).
I love how you can see the 'yellow fat' disappearing from my body over time.

And it is amazing that I was so huge, I didn't actually fit in the scanning area originally, and the technician had to 'cut my body in half, and then mirror it' to get as accurate a scan as possible.

This graph, which is part of the DEXA, shows my fat vs lean mass change over time. Note that as I started my DEXA scans three months in, my start weight was 'only' 169 kg, not the 185.5 kg three months earlier. 
I really wish I had started the DEXAs from day one to really understand my how unhealthy I was at the start of my journey.

My weight loss tracker.
This is another great visual to show how much I have progressed over time.
This shows my start weight at 185.5 kg and finish weight of 85.5 kg and my journey over the two years.

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My health markers - 
My DEXA comparions show the huge improvement in my health markers from Sept 2018 to June 2020

Weight - 84.8 kg -                             Previously - 167.8 kg
Fat % - 16%                                      Previously - 48%
Body Fat - 13.6 kg                            Previously - 81 kg
Lean Mass - 67.6 kg                         Previously - 83.25 kg
VAT - 85.6 cm2                                Previously - 387 cm2 
 - VAT is the really bad fat around my waist - anything under 100 cm2 is considered healthy.
 - My VAT was originally nearly four times the healthy measurement

Blood Pressure -  123 / 72                 Previously - 146 / 100
No longer pre-diabetic

Shirt -  Medium - 95 cm - 38 inch     Previously - 9XL - 142cm - 56 inch
Pants - 92 cm - 36 inch waist             Previously - 157 cm - 62 inch waist


So how did I get to my starting weight of 185.5 kg?

This really is a journey for me. I have struggled all my life with obesity.
In 2002, I was named the joint winner for the 'Male Australian Weight Watcher of the Year'.
I lost 54 kilos in 60 weeks - going from 143.7 kg down to 89.7 kg.

But over the next 16 years, I ballooned from under 90 kg right up to over double that size to 185.5 kg.

In June 2018, I hit rock bottom.
I knew it was time to do something.
I didn't really have a defining moment like a health scare, I just knew I had to do something.

I jumped on the scales, and they displayed - OL -

WTF is OL ?

I had no idea, but I assumed it means - Overload.

I had to go and buy a new set of scales, ones that went higher than 180 kilos.
Talk about a wake-up call.

The new scales said it all - 185.5 kg - 

Like the majority of people that lose a lot of weight, I had piled it back on.
Over the last 16 years, I ballooned (literally) to 185.5 kg.
Yep, I put back the 54 kg I lost and then piled on ANOTHER 42 kilos as well.

Yep, I put on over 95 kilos !


I am now in the maintenance part of my journey.
I have lost 100 kg in two years and I am now the lightest and healthiest I have been in over 30 years !

Check out this blog post for some great comparisons on how much weight I have lost - Link
Here's a snippet from this post -

44 blocks of this fat
This is an anatomically correct representation of 2.2 kilos - 5 pounds of human body fat.
I've lost 44 of these !

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