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Terry has inspired countless Australians with his amazing Health Journey that started in June 2018 when he tipped the scales at an astounding 185.5 kg, that's a whopping 409 pounds. 

He made the life changing decision to join the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and lost 100 kg in two years (that's 220 pounds) to reach his goal weight of 85.5 kg (189 pounds) in June 2020.

And what's even more impressive is that he's kept that weight off since then.

Terry's Health Journey -

Terry has been through a lot, 
including weight loss, and then weight gain, depression, high blood pressure and he was pre-diabetic.

In 2001 he weighed 143.7 kg and lost 54 kg in 60 weeks on the old Weight Watchers plan and was even named the 2002 Male Weight Watcher of the year. But over the next few years he suffered post-natal depression after the birth of his first son (yep, men get it too).
Over the next 16 years, Terry gained all the weight back plus ANOTHER 40 odd kilos on top.

Terry ballooned from under 90 kg in 2002 to max out at 185.5 kg in 2018. 
He was so big, air travel was a nightmare.
He struggled to fit into the seats and was constantly embarrassed asking for an extension belt.

Terry was pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure and knew he was killing himself.
Terry joined the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and turned his life around, losing 100 kilograms in two years and has now kept it off for over two years.

Time to CELEBRATE !!!
Terry recently celebrated this amazing achievement with a tandem parachute jump from 15,000 feet.
Something that was previously impossible to do at his old weight and was a dream come true.

Terry's success has motivated thousands of Australians to improve their lives via his numerous TV appearances including:- Click the links or images to view the videos

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