Random Update - 15 Jan 2019 - Good Day - Bad Day

Today was a real contrast.
I had a good-day / bad-day moment.
I had to meet a client today, and when getting ready I was trying on my pants. Good Day - Low and behold, the pants are WAY too big for me now (prepare yourself for this week's upcoming progress comparison shot)... So that was an awesome start. It still hurts that my pants are in the REALLY BIG section, but it is nice to be reassured I am on track and finally going down a size. Plus, I get to recycle my pants that I outgrew a few years ago ! Next step, off to the client site. We are walking to the meeting room and then my eyes wander ahead and see the chairs... Urgh... Bad Day - Yep... you guessed it, metal arms at the side that go front to back The fat man's nemesis. I knew that was NOT going to be comfortable, but I have no option. So I squeezed myself into the chair, and nearly fell backwards (unrelated to the squeezing, but it wasn't fun). The meeting went well, but it wasn't really comfortable for that hour. Anyway... I just remind myself that it took 18 years to gain the 95 kilos, and it will take 2 - 3 years to get rid of it. Play the long game.

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