Week 031 - 27.1 kilos lighter over 31 weeks !

Here it is - Week 031 - 27.1 kilos lost in 31 weeks.

Hey everyone,

Super proud of myself this week !

I have been super focused.

I have weighed every bit of food this week.
I recorded EVERYTHING I ate this week in the food tracker.
I have ensured that I kept to my CSIRO food allocations within a very tiny tolerance.
I have continued my commitment to exercising six days a week (Saturday is no scheduled exercise).

This commitment has paid big dividends with a weekly loss of 900 grams (only 400 grams the week before).

I can't remember feeling so good about myself for so many years.

I did have a good day / bad day moment, but hey, this is life, these things happen. - Link


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