Milestone YouTube Video - 32 kilos - 4 big bags of dog food

Woo Hoo !!!
32 kilos equals four big bags of dog food !!!

Time for another milestone video.

Grab your popcorn (the healthy version of course), settle back and have a laugh watching me struggle to lift all this weight.

Check out the comparison photo, 
It was a struggle to lift the four bags of dog food, but my face says it all !

I love a good milestone video, and if you've been following me for a while, you'll know I love a video with me lifting up big bags of dog food to give me a visual reminder of just how much weight I used to carry around on my body.

This YouTube video sees me lifting four big bags of dog food to celebrate this major milestone of mine.

Check out around 1 minute 45 seconds where I start to second guess how I am going to do this!

I must admit, I really struggled with lifting these dog food bags and I laughed constantly while viewing and editing this one!

Click the image to go to YouTube video

Click the image to go to YouTube video

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