Week 036 - 31.9 kilos (70.3 lbs) lighter over 36 weeks ! - Consistency is King !

Last week I predicted I would lose more than 1.3 kilos in six days!

Last week, after gaining 300 grams by eating far too much Brazilian BBQ meat and fresh prawns while on a business trip, I boldly predicted that I would weigh less than 154 kilos this week.
This would involve me losing more than 1.3 kilos as I weighed in at 155.3 kilos last Saturday.

Check out last week's post here - Link

Well, as you can see by the image above, I succeeded in doing that.

In fact, I smashed it !

From Saturday to Friday I have lost 1.7 kilos !
400 grams more than I predicted!

So what is my secret?     - Consistency !


What I've learned this week. -

Consistency is King !

So lets have a quick recap from last week - (Full post here - Link)
  • I overate BIG TIME on two of the dinners while on a business trip.
  • I also did no exercise for 4 days.
  • I gained 300g in one week

My Game Plan from last week - 
  • Eat less calories for a few days by removing my eggs for breakfast - Breakfast for a while will be mushrooms or tomato on toast rather than two eggs on two pieces of toast. 
    • This will reduce my calorie intake by 190 calories for two eggs, which is around an 8% reduction from my average 2,300 daily calorie intake.
  • Saturday Exercise - Saturday is normally my no exercise day. As I haven't exercised since Monday, I will be doing exercise today, (the 50 minute session), to jump start my metabolism and get the fat burning and the numbers going down.

It would have been so easy for me to give up last week when I got back from Sydney. 
- I ate SO MUCH food while there.
- I didn't exercise.
- I could have easily slipped back into old habits like buying junk food and deciding that "I don't need to exercise today".

But I re-read my own motivational blog article and 'reset myself' - Link
- I refocused myself, and decided that I wasn't going to give up.
- My progress so far is more important than feeling sorry for myself and giving in.

Once I refocused my mind, the rest followed instantly.
- I exercised again.
- I stuck to my menu plans.
- I added resistance band training to my daily exercise regime.

I had great success.
As you can see from the image below of my progress chart, I lost 400g in the first 24 hours !
I then continued with excellent loss every night to have a total weight loss of 1.7 kilos in those six days.

Here is my daily progress from last week -

So, what has this got to do with Consistency? -
Over the last 60 days since Christmas, I ensured the following -
  • I consistently exercise.
  • I consistently meet my daily food targets.
  • I consistently weigh every single bit of food that I consume.
  • I consistently track every single bit of food that I consume.

Hey, I know I went 'off-track' for those four days, but I have been absolutely consistent since Christmas last year.

Four days off over 60 days is pretty bloody consistent.

And that shows on my progress.
  • If I consistently exercise, I lose weight.
  • If I consistently meet my daily food targets, I lose weight
  • If I consistently weigh every single bit of food that I consume, I lose weight.
  • If I consistently track every single bit of food that I consume, I lose weight.
So there you go!
There is no big secret.
The secret is just being consistent.

If you repeat what is successful, 
you will continue to be successful.

Sure you will need to exercise more or eat less as you lose weight, that is just simple math.
Eat less, move more - as you body becomes smaller, it uses less fuel.

But the key is to be consistent in everything you do, to bring you closer to your goal.

One further point on my high weekly weight loss -
Please be aware that my dietitian is fully aware of my very high weekly weight loss of over 1.5 kilos per week. We have worked together and created a menu plan that is balanced across all food units and meets or exceeds the daily allocation. This, combined with my high level of exercise and my current weight of 150 kilos, means that I can sustainably lose a high level of weight per week, and that I understand that this high weight loss level will drop as my body weight continues to decrease and I will need less food to fuel my body.

Oh, I nearly forgot.
I promised to post a picture of the scales to show that I hit under the 154 kilo mark.

Here it is -

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