Week 034 - 30.5 kilos (78.26 lbs) lighter over 34 weeks !

Wow !

What a week !

I lost 1.8 kilos this week - 3.96 pounds !

I keep looking at my progress pic and I am mesmerised at the difference, especially my face.
I look so much healthier and happier.

And even though I still have a lot to go, I know I've got this.

What I learned this week -

This week was a really interesting week in regards to my diet.

Last week in my progress update post - Link - I discussed how I discovered I was overeating on what I call processed vegetables (fresh soups from the supermarket and Poppin microwave popocorn).
I also ate too many real vegetables, fresh mushroom and corn, so much that one day I totaled a massive 16.5 vege units, nearly seven times the standard 2.5 vege serves per day.

This pushed my calorie intake to 2,789. No wonder I was gaining weight.

Anyway, as per that blog post last week, I ditched the processed veges and focused on hitting my daily food units exactly.

This reversed my weight gain back down to a solid weight loss in just a few days.

But then I started losing too much weight.

  • 300 g one day
  • 100 g the next
  • 300 g the next
  • 200 g the day after.

I knew it was dropping off too fast, so I spoke to my dietitian.

She reviewed my very extensive calorie intake record and agreed that I should increase my calorie consumption for a week or so to find the correct level for me, considering my age, my chronic level of obesity and my current level of exercise.

Now it is really important to understand the following. - 
- Everyone is different.
- Don't increase or decrease your calorie intake without consulting a professional.

So fast forward a bit over a week and the official results are in.

  • I have increased my calorie intake.
  • I have maintained the same level of exercise.
  • And I have still managed to lose 1.8 kilos this week.

Here is the progress after I removed the processed veges from my diet.

January 27 - 157.9 kg - 348.1 lbs
February 08 - 155.0 kg - 341.7 lbs

That is a whopping 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs) loss in 12 days

We won't see the full results of my dietary change for a few weeks due to me travelling interstate on business next week, and then having to wait a full week to see the changes in my body.

Summary -
Our diet is not an exact science, and weight loss solutions are not a one size fits all.
If you are losing weight too quickly, it is important to seek professional assistance.


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