Week 033 - 28.7 kilos (63.27 lbs) lighter over 33 weeks !

Here it is - Week 033 - 28.7 kilos (63.27 lbs) lost in 33 weeks.

So excited. I lost one kilo this week !

That's pretty good at week 33 of my journey to health and fitness.

Weight loss slows down as you progress.
Your body is lighter, so it needs less calories for fuel.

As you become lighter, to continue to lose weight, you either have to consume less calories (eat less), or burn more fuel (exercise more).

It becomes a balance of lifestyle, time and how determined and committed you are to reaching your goal.

-- Things I learned this week

Don't overeat on 'processed veges'.

One of the greatest benefits of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is that you don't focus on calories.
You follow the plan to ensure you meet your food unit targets, but don't exceed them. The only exception is free vege units (fresh / frozen veges).

I knew that I was exceeding my vege target of 2.5 vege units, but on reflection I realised on one day alone I hit 16.5 vege units !

My weight loss has slowed down lately, so I decided to count my calories.
I was amazed to learn that my pumpkin soup, was 243 calories.
The half bag of Poppin Lite Butter microwave popcorn was 346 calories.

These are classed as veges, but not 'free foods'.

I realise now that fresh soups from Woolies and microwave Poppin brand popcorn are not 'good' veges, but 'processed' veges,

Most days I had the pumpkin soup from Woolies and sometimes I would eat the Poppin Lite Butter microwave popcorn (1/2 bag) as well.

As they both count for vege units, with only a tiny bit of indulgence, I fooled myself into thinking that wouldn't harm my progress.

I was eating that ON TOP of my daily two cobs or corn and 200g of mushrooms. This pushed my vege consumption to 16.5 vege units.

But the real killer, that was an EXTRA 589 calories I consumed on top of my standard 2,000 calories !

No wonder I gained 400g two days later !

So, I cut out my pumpkin soup and Poppin Lite Butter microwave popcorn, and I have lost over a kilo since Saturday ! (Saturday was when I jumped up 400g overnight).

As my pumpkin soup was 243 calories consumed daily, that was 8.2% of my daily intake !
Over 7 days, that is 1,701 calories EXTRA that I consumed, every week.

No wonder I didn't see the change on the scale that I expected.

The moral of the story,
- Track your foods, even the veges.
- You can overeat on the free foods, but don't count the fresh soups or popcorn as a free food.
- Keep fresh / frozen veges as your freebies.


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