Week 035 - 30.2 kilos (78.26 lbs) lighter over 35 weeks !


Let's get this right out at the start -

Yes !!! 

I gained 300 grams this week !!! (that's 10.6 oz for my American friends).

I know, shock - horror !

But you know what, it is just a tiny bump on the long road that is my journey.


What I've learned this week. -

Official Friday weigh-in 8th Feb
My official weigh in last week was a double milestone - 30 kg loss which is a milestone in itself, but also that it is one third of the way on my journey to reaching my target weight of losing 90 kg total. The actual loss up to that day was 30.5 kilos.

If you missed this milestone, including the awesome YouTube video, check it out here, - Link

Four days later, on the Tuesday 12th of February, I weighed in at 153.7 kg - for a loss of 31.8 kilos (very close to my upcoming 32 kilos milestone of four big bags of dog food). Yep, I lost ANOTHER 1.3 kilos in those four days. Obviously working closely with my dietitian was creating the perfect environment for my weight loss.

Challenges Ahead !
I did know that Tuesday, and the rest of the working week would be extremely challenging as I was travelling to Canberra to visit clients and then to Sydney on business.

I knew that due to the times I needed to be at the convention booth, I would not have had time to do my normal daily exercise.

I also knew that I would have limited food choices, and that I wanted to spend time with my work mates at dinners and any other functions. I had already accepted that there was a very high chance that I would not be making healthy choices and that the numbers on the scales would most likely go higher this week.

My biggest issue this week wasn't really the type of food I ate, but more like the quantity.

I joined my work team for dinner on the first night of the convention and the choice was a Brazilian BBQ Buffet. The food was divine.

It was beautifully cooked meats presented on huge skewers that looked something the King would swing in battle in Game of Thrones.

Yep... those are chicken hearts... I didn't have the *heart* to eat them !

Here is the cheese injected beef !

Did I eat too much ?

Let's just say that I am pretty sure I reached my protein units that day !!!

The next day, I joked to my team members that I ate my body weight in meats at the dinner the night before. It pretty much felt like that !

Rough guess, I would have had, realistically, about 10 or more 'serves' of meat.
On reflection, it was probably 12 to 15...


You got me !!!  I have no idea, but my sweet lord, the food was divine. 

I certainly got my money's worth, but I also 'paid for it' via the sheer pain of the stretched stomach before going to bed.

Next night - Valentine's Night - Seafood Buffet - 
The next night was similar as my workmate and I had the Seafood Buffet at the hotel.
Yep, Valentine's night was spent with my colleague - Eddie.
We burst out laughing when we sat down at the table and viewed each other in the candlelight and noticed the love heart 'tinsel' on our table.

The fresh prawns were possibly the biggest I have seen in my life and they were spectacular !
They were biggest AND tastiest prawns ever, worth every cent of the $60 seafood buffet price.

I definitely got my my money's worth just in the prawns, but I also tried some barramundi and seafood chowder.

So how did I go with my weight loss?
Well as you saw at the top of this blog post, I actually gained 300g this weeks.

Saturday's weight is not a true reflection of the week as I know from my history, that my body has not fully 'dealt' with my food yet and that should peak in a few days.

I really am not too worried about the gain I will most likely experience in a few days because I know in a few days after it will just be a blip on the radar.

It is important to put some perspective on this.
  • My last official week with a weight gain was the week before Christmas, nine weeks ago !
  • My last 'pig out' was Boxing Day, about 52 days ago.
  • I virtually never eat any of my allowed indulgences.
  • I have been eating perfectly and exercising regularly since Boxing Day.

So I fully accept the following -
  • The numbers on the scales will temporarily rise.
  • This rise is temporary and only a bump on the road to my success.
  • I will not get angry with myself for enjoying myself on this very important work trip.

I also know that today (Saturday 16th Feb), it is all systems reset to get me back on track.
  • Back to eating healthy.
  • Back to exercising.
  • Back to prioritising my health and fitness over everything else.

Game Plan -
  • Eat less calories for a few days by removing my eggs for breakfast - Breakfast for a while will be mushrooms or tomato on toast rather than two eggs on two pieces of toast. 
    • This will reduce my calorie intake by 190 calories for two eggs, which is around an 8% reduction from my average 2,300 daily calorie intake.
  • Saturday Exercise - Saturday is normally my no exercise day. As I haven't exercised since Monday, I will be doing exercise today, (the 50 minute session), to jump start my metabolism and get the fat burning and the numbers going down.

My Prediction -
I predict that on Friday 22nd of February, I will weigh under 154 kg.
It's a bold prediction but I know my body well, and I am confident that I will be right !

Stay tuned for the update photo next week, complete with photo of the scales !

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