Week 038 - 33.7 kilos (74.3 lbs) lighter over 38 weeks ! - My December refocus is kicking butt !

I had an excellent week, with a nice one kilo loss exactly.

I was expecting a higher loss with the amount of exercise I am performing and my commitment to eating healthy, but I just have to accept that I am progressing nicely at a steady one kilo a week loss.

And speaking of exercise, remember in last week's blog I stated that Exercise Sucks, and that it was painful when I went for that first walk?
Well, I replaced another of my pool cardio sessions this week with a walk, and guess what?

No real pain this time.

Yes it was tough (I am pushing over 150 kilos of human body around, of course it is tough), but I wasn't smashed the next day like last time.

I will continue with my pool workouts for the immediate future before it gets cold as I still enjoy them more than walking, but it is good to know that walking is not as bad as that first day.


Reflection Time -
Now that I have finished week 038 and just starting week 039, I have started to reflect on my last 3 months. Week 039 (next week) of course is my official 9 months milestone.

Regular readers will remember that at Week 026, I reviewed the first six months of my journey and realised that I had plateaued and that I was no longer focused on my health and fitness.
I was no longer motivated and barely progressing at all.

In my first three months - 13 weeks, I was super motivated and lost 16.2 kilos.
In my second three months - Week 14 - 26, I lost focus and only lost 4.6 kilos over those 13 weeks.

I knew that I had to do something, or I would be back to my old weight soon.

So I scrutinised everything and determined the MANY factors that led me to losing my focus.
It was a moment that had a huge impact on me.

I decided that something needed to be done.
  • I documented what made me successful.
  • I documented what made me fail.

I wrote a blog article explaining all of this, why I failed, why I succeeded and a plan on how to stay motivated in the future.

I very sincerely recommend you read this blog post below and add it to your favourites / bookmarks.

How I regained control of myself after a plateau and 
how I now keep motivated - Link

Like everyone else, I face challenges, with family, with work, with eating healthy and staying on track.

I lose focus, just like everyone else.
  • But importantly, I now notice immediately the signs of me losing focus.
  • I now I accept that I am losing focus, and I commit to regaining my focus.
  • I re-read my blog post, and that sets my mind back, on focus.

The blog post has really helped me, MANY TIMES over the last three months.

Has it worked?

Absolutely !

Since refocusing and exercising (Week 026), 
I have lost 12.9 kg loss in 12 weeks
  • Week 026 – 164.7 kg
  • Week 038 – 151.8 kg
Compare that to the twelve weeks BEFORE my refocus - I lost 4.6 kilos in 13 weeks !

Read that again!

In the thirteen weeks before re-focusing, I lost 4.6 kilos.
In the twelve weeks since re-focusing, I have lost 12.9 kilos
Nearly three times as much in less time !

---  There is also a big difference in weekly weight gains
  • Weeks 13 - 26 - I gained weight 5 weeks out of 13.
  • Weeks 27 - 38 - I gained weight once, the weekend I went to Sydney (only 300g) - I then loss 1.7 kg the next week.

Weeks 013 - 026 - 
I gained weight 5 weeks out of 13. 

Weeks 027 - 038 - 
I gained weight once, the weekend I went to Sydney (only 300g) - I then loss 1.7 kg the next week.

This is proof to me that my refocus has had a phenomenal impact on my progress.
Going from only losing 4.6 kilos in 13 weeks up to losing 12.9 kilos is 12 weeks proves to me that when I am determined and I commit to sticking to my food plans and exercise, the success will come.

If this has worked for me, it can work for you !

Learn from my mistakes and learn from my success.
  • You can continue to lose weight after a plateau.
  • You can re-focus.
  • You can continue on to reach your goal.

Is it easy? - Hell No!
Does it take hard work? - Yes!
Does it take commitment? - Yes!

Is it worth the hard work and commitment? - Hell Yes !!!

Can you do it? - Of course you can !!!


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