Week 042 - 38.2 kilos (84.2 lbs) lighter over 42 weeks ! - Pushing through disappointment.

Pushing through disappointment.

Last week I reached a double milestone of losing 20% of my starting body weight and being 40% along my journey to my final destination goal of 95 kilos -  (blog post Link ).

In that blog post, I also set out my goals of how I plan to hit my next main target of a 50 kilo loss by my one year milestone.

Here's a recap of the breakdown.

My one year goal is to lose 50 kilos in 52 weeks.
That will be tough, but achievable.
I will have to lose 12.6 kilos in 11 weeks.

That breaks down to 1.15 kilos every week for the next 11 weeks.

Well, here I am in the first of those weeks, and I am already not hitting that target.

Not real happy about that, but it is what it is.

When you have a lot of weight to lose like I do, it can be quite difficult to keep momentum and keep hitting those targets.

My mind is the biggest challenge.
It is full of mixed emotions.

It is full of self doubt, but then full of elation when I look at progress pics and I think about my achievements so far.

Yesterday, when I weighed myself, I was quite pissed off that I only lost 800 grams.

ONLY...  800 grams...


Today I realise that is a really shitty perspective to have.

Now I am pissed off at myself for feeling that way.
Why should I feel angry about losing ONLY 800 grams?

800 grams is more than one and a half tubs of butter.

800 grams is close to 40 Tim Tams !

And here I was angry because I thought I deserved more than that !

Most people would be over the moon losing that.
Especially forty two weeks into their journey.

But there I was, disappointed.
Not putting this great achievement into perspective.

The truth is, I need to be thankful for the progress I have already achieved.

Once I changed my mindset, I have realised I already have so much to be thankful for.

  • How much weight I have already lost.
    • I have already lost over 38 kilos
  • How much my body has changed
    • I have lost around 30 cm from my gut
    • I am down about 3 shirt sizes
    • I am down about 3 pant sizes
    • I have had to buy a new belt
  • How much money I have saved.
    • I am no longer buying junk food like chips and soft drink
    • I am no longer buying a morning coffee
    • I am no longer buying breakfast each work day
    • I am no longer buying an expensive, unhealthy lunch
  • How much my mind has changed
    • I no longer *need* to buy a chocolate bar every time I go to the shops
    • I now eat when I am hungry, not when I am bored
    • I now plan and prepare my meals so that I don't get caught out with unhealthy meal options.
    • I now eat only my portion and understand that over-eating is not healthy
    • I now eat my planned meal rather than eating store bought pizza that the family buys
  • How much my diet has changed
    • I now eat fruit
    • I now eat vegetables other than potato chips
    • I now eat the correct amount of dairy on a daily basis
    • I now use portion control
    • I no longer over-eat
    • I no longer eat a packet of potato chips or corn chips every afternoon
    • I no longer drink a can of Pepsi every afternoon
  • How much my fitness has changed
    • I can now walk up a flight of stairs without puffing
    • I can now walk for an hour at a brisk pace without feeling sick and nauseous.
    • I am no longer out of breath just from walking a short distance
    • I no longer feel tired just from 'existing'.
  • How much my life has changed
    • I now have plenty of room in my car seat belt
    • I now can twist my head easily to look over my shoulder when driving.
    • My son can touch his hands around my back when he hugs me
    • I now park far away from the entrance when parking my car as I know the walk will do me good.
    • I now have space for me when opening the car door to hop out of the car.
    • I am now so much happier with life !
    • I feel fan-fricking-tastic !!!
I now realise that I need to put each week into perspective.
  • Some weeks I will lose weight.
  • Some weeks I will gain weight (and I have before).
  • Some weeks I will plateau.
But now I will commit to ensure that when I am disappointed with that week's progress, that I will review my progress of my whole journey so far. Not just the last week.

My journey will be full of smooth roads, bumps and detours - just like life.
The trick is to acknowledge and accept that the bumps and detours are just part of the journey, and not let them poison my brain and sabotage my progress so far.


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