Week 044 - 40.6 kilos (89.5 lbs) lighter over 43 weeks ! - I've lost $3,240 worth of Lindt chocolate !

Nice progress this week with an awesome 1.2 kilo loss (2.65 pounds).

I have now achieved my goal of losing 40 kilos.
Check out my YouTube milestone video celebrating that - 

This week I hit my target weekly weight loss of 1.2 kg, but I am still 100 grams short of the progress target weight to reach my major goal of 50 kilos lost in 52 weeks, but I am still pretty much on track.

As you can see from the table above, I need to lose 1.2 kilos (2.65 lbs) each and every week to achieve this major goal.

This weekend was tough as it was filled with family get-togethers and chocolate due to the Easter long weekend.

I am proud to say that I stayed strong and avoided all the chocolate.
It got tough with dessert being served, but I toughed through it.
I saved my dessert for my pre-bedtime snack (like always), but it was very challenging watching everyone enjoy their ice cream and easter eggs.

The toughest part was looking at the home made rocky road.
It sat on the table, calling out to me, but I knew if I gave in, I wouldn't have stayed on just eating one square. I would have pigged out.

But I focused on my goal.
I focused on my goal of reaching that marker of 1.2 kilos per week that I need to hit each and every week to reach my goal of 50 kilos lost in 52 weeks.

Anyway, I had a great time with family, and didn't focus on chocolate, which is probably the first Easter that I can remember where I didn't focus on chocolate for several weeks.


As you know, I love a good weight loss comparison.
Here is my favourite Easter related comparison.

I have now lost $3,240 worth of Lindt chocolate !


The one kilo Lindt gold Easter bunny chocolate sells for $80 per kilo

And as I have lost 40.6 kilos, this totals over $3,240 worth of Lindt chocolate that I have now lost.

This is a great way to put my weight loss into perspective.

I hope you had a great break and spent the time with family and loved ones.


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