Week 045 - 42.3 kilos (93.25 lbs) lighter over 45 weeks! - A massive loss this week!

The hard work has paid off with a massive weight loss this week - 

A MASSIVE 1.7 kilos ! (3.74 lbs).

As you can see in the table below, this now puts me ahead on my major goal of losing 50 kilos in 52 weeks. Last week I was 100 grams behind my target progress weight for week 044, but this massive loss this week has actually given me a 400 gram buffer.

I am now beautifully on track to hit this major goal.

So what did I do differently?
Nothing really.
Exercise was not really different.
Diet was pretty much the same.

If anything at all, I was actually consuming a tiny bit more calorie wise, but nothing really significant.

It looks like maybe my body's metabolism is firing up, and burning more calories.
But that doesn't make too much sense as I am lighter every week, so that theoretically means I actually need less calories to exist.

Anyway, it was an awesome week, and I am super proud that I survived Easter without eating a single Easter egg or even a piece of chocolate.

I was tempted constantly, especially on Easter Sunday with my wife's home made Rocky Road.
But I adhered to my pre-Easter commitment to myself to use my five strategies below -
  • Think before eating - Will this food help me achieve my goal?
  • Enter new foods in food tracker BEFORE consuming
  • Be prepared for each and every meal
  • Maintain my current morning walk regime to six days a week for one hour
  • Maintain my resistance band workouts four to five days a week.
And it worked beautifully.

You can read the full blog post - How I plan to survive Easter - Here -


I also smashed a VERY personal milestone.

You can see the original post on my Public Facebook page - Here

A very personal milestone today, with numbers that may not actually make sense at first.

In 2001, I weighed 143.7 kg.
Back then I decided to join Weight Watchers, and I ended up losing 54 kilos in 60 weeks. I was also named the Australian Male Weight Watcher of the Year for 2002.

But I made excuses, and ate junk food and stopped exercising. I then ballooned (literally) by piling on 96 kilos, over the next 16 years, till I reached 185.5 kg in June 2018.

Fast forward 45 weeks, and I have now lost 41.9 kilos.
And I have finally breached the mental barrier of that 143.7 kilos from all those years ago.

I am now officially on the second, and last leg of my journey to health, fitness and happiness.

New territory from now on.
I look forward every day to see those numbers go down !

It is amazing actually how fit I am now compared to my memory of the same weight all those years ago in 2002.

Each day I push myself to get up off my arse and walk.
It's not easy.

Each day I push myself to eat healthy and avoid temptation.
It's not easy.

But I have some many goals in my head that keep me going.

To ride a roller coaster with my kids.
To go to the water park with my kids.
To spend more active quality time with my family.

I am close now.

Nothing will stop me.

Now I am getting up off my arse and hauling it around for an hour's walk.


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  1. Inspiring and motivating Terry.
    Well done on your current weekly goals.
    I look forward to reading your final blog when you reach your goal weight....That will be some celebration