Week 048 - 46.0 kilos (101.41 lbs) lighter over 48 weeks! - A nightmare week, but then redemption

Man, this week was a roller coaster nightmare of massive gains and then redemption with massive losses.

I also hit multiple milestones, so keep a look-out for upcoming milestone celebration video and blog post. - Coming Soon !

So, bear with me here as I explain what happened.

As you most likely know, I am really pushing my limits and trying to lose over one kilo per week, every week, for 10 weeks to hit my goal of losing 50 kilos in one year.


Because I think it would be really cool to hit that target.

It gets harder to lose that much weight consistently when I have already lost over 40 kilos.
I am working closely with my dietitian at TWD, and she is making sure I am eating healthy.

Due to my current size and reasonably high level of daily exercise, I actually have increased my Protein units and keep all other TWD food units at the normal Plan 3 level, which is the highest.

Even with this higher level, I am still losing over one kilo a week consistently, and my dietitian and I are both happy with this level of weight loss.

As you can see with the table below, I am still actually losing a little bit more than my weekly target, which is awesome.

For the end of Week 48, my goal was to be 140 kg or lighter, and on my official weigh in, I was 139.5 kg.

Of course, this is awesome news, and I am really proud of my achievement so far, and it now means I start the last month with a very achievable goal of one kilo loss exactly per week, for the next four weeks.

But this week was my biggest challenge so far.

The wheels got wobbly on Saturday last week, which I mentioned in last week's blog post - Link -
And then the wheels completely fell off on the Sunday.

So what happened.

Due to family commitments, we had our Mother's Day on the Saturday rather than the Sunday, and my wife wanted to go to Mt Tambourine as a family day trip. We had a lovely lunch at the Greek restaurant up there, and I chose the healthiest option, the spaghetti marinara.
I also ate an egg sandwich earlier and a few calamari.

Nothing too outrageous, and I expected to go up a little bit of weight.

But on the Sunday morning when I weighed myself, I saw that my weight had increased by 400 grams overnight. And then on the Monday, I got the second kick in the guts, I went up ANOTHER 500 grams over night.

In two days, my weight had jumped 900 grams.

I felt gutted.

Deep down I knew that it would be gone in a few days, but I had committed myself to hit my goals in the image above, and jumping 900 grams in two days had put me back by nearly a week.

I felt sick and upset that the one day could ruin my ability to achieve my goals.

Thankfully, the same day (the Monday), I had my scheduled dietitian session.

I explained my dilemma, and my dietitian was extremely helpful and we fully discussed my plan of attack.

As I had overeaten on the spaghetti, I proposed that I need to reduce my bread units to make up for the extra. Also, I have no idea how much oil was used in the preparation of my meal, so I proposed to reduce my healthy fats units as well.

My dietitian agreed and the plan was to remove two slices of bread each day for a few days and also to remove some of the nuts I eat as well (1.1 healthy oil units).

To stop myself from starving (and potentially cheat), I increased my veges a bit and added an extra egg to my breakfast.
My new breakfast was a two egg omelette, cheese, and garlic mushrooms or tomato.

The results were amazing and pretty much straight away.

After the Mother's Day meal increasing my weight by 400 grams and then 500 grams, I started 900 grams heavier.

Now after the removal of two bread units and lowering my healthy oils, I had a massive loss of 600 grams the first night.

The next night, I also had another massive 600 gram loss.

In two days, I had lost 1.2 kilos after gaining 900 grams the two days previous to that.

I was back on track !

I continued the same tactic of lowering my breads and fats, but I put on 100 grams the next day.
I knew it was nothing, but did one more day of the reduced intake.

Then next day (Friday morning), I had lost ANOTHER 600 grams.

I did it !

After gaining 900 grams in two days, I ended up losing 1.8 kilos over the next few days.

This rounded up my week with a nice 1.1 kilo loss from Friday to Friday.

Still on track to hit my 52 week target, and delighted with the outcome.

So, why did my weight jump so much?

I asked my dietitian and she explained that the carbs effectively acted as a fluid retainer so most of that weight was fluid. But I was able to act quickly and efficiently by reducing the food units that I over consumed and bring myself back on track quickly.

It is amazing how much my mental state was affected by that jump. My dietitian quickly noticed the change in my demeanor and helped me address it as well.

One thing my dietitian advised which is really important, was to look at the Weekly Unit intake, not the Daily Unit intake. 

This is to ensure I get healthy balanced diet, which is of course the most critical part.

Anyway, hopefully this will give you an insight into my challenges and help explain how I got around this particular challenge.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming YouTube milestone celebration video coming soon.


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