Week 047 - 44.9 kilos (98.99 lbs) lighter over 47 weeks! - Yesterday was a bit wobbly.

OK, so yesterday (Saturday), the wheels of my weight loss train got wobbly... 
more about that later.

But first, as of Friday (my official weigh in day), I had an awesome week with another massive

1.4 kilos gone this week ! (3.08 pounds)

Pretty happy with that.
That keeps me nicely on target for my major goal of 50 kilos in 52 weeks.
In fact, compared to my original targets, I have actually lost 600 grams more than I need to, to be on target.

As per the table below, by 10 May I needed to be 141.2 kg, but I actually weighed in at 140.6 kg.

That brings my total weight loss now at 44.9 kg. Only one hundred grams shy of my next milestone of 45 kilos lost. 

In fact, when I hit 45.3 kilos in a few days time, 
I will have lost 100 pounds !

It's pretty cool to convert your weight loss to pounds as it sounds so much more impressive !
But it sucks when you convert your starting weight to pounds as it makes it sound much worse !

Anyway, stay tuned for my upcoming celebration milestone video for the 45 kilos / 100 pounds weight loss.

In the meantime, please check out my previous YouTube milestone video where I celebrate losing 40 kilos, which is five big bags of dog food!

Click the image to go to YouTube video

Click the image to go to YouTube video

Moving on...

I had my first challenge yesterday since Easter.
Due to my son's work commitments, we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday (Saturday), rather than today, the Sunday.

Saturday is my rest day, so no exercise to burn off the extra food that I knew I would most likely consume as my wife said she wanted to go for a family drive to Mt Tambourine.
Mt Tambourine is a paradise for Mums as it is full of shops selling lavendar, trinkets, dream catchers, hand made fudge, etc.

I decided early on that I wouldn't give myself the excuse to 'pig out', and instead choose the healthy options and enjoy my time with the family.

Mistake number 1 - I didn't prepare and take snacks.
As we were driving, I needed a toilet stop, and as it was around 11:00 am, I felt I bit peckish.
There isn't a lot to choose from at the Coles / Shell petrol station that is healthy.
I did however, pick the egg sandwich, not too bad, and was the healthiest option, but it was still around 300 calories from memory.

I realised after, that if I had been prepared, I could have had a bag of popcorn.
Even though that is an indulgence, it still would have saved me around 200 calories as the popcorn is 100 calories with one indulgence and the sandwich was around 300 calories (from memory, but I didn't have my reading glasses).

Mistake number 2 - I didn't check if an entree size lunch was available.
Around 12:30 - 1:00 pm we arrived and went straight to find somewhere nice to eat lunch.
We found a Greek restaurant and I decided on the seafood marina. Even though it was a healthy choice, it was a pretty large serve. I ate around 80 to 90% of the meal and only left a bit of spaghetti.
I also had two pieces of crumbed calamari, which were divine.
So I didn't go crazy, but it was WAY more than I would normally consume.

Basically, it was relatively healthy, but WAY over on my bread units due to the large serve of pasta.
Today I realised that I should have asked if an entree size version was available, but I didn't think of it then.

I did however, ask to reduce the amount of cream in the sauce.
Of course I have no idea if they did or didn't do that, but I now have the knowledge to ask for small changes like that.

What I did well on - I avoided chocolate and ice cream.
I did however, completely avoid dessert, which is a major win.
Twelve months ago, I would have had dessert, as well as most likely bought a chocolate or two.
I would have also chosen a pack of chips and a flavoured milk at the servo.

Overall I am pretty happy, but I am disappointed as I did go up 400 grams on the scales overnight.
I know it will be gone in a few days, but I am REALLY super focused on hitting that goal of 50 kilos in 52 weeks, and a gain, even if temporary, is not good.

To combat the gain, today I changed my breakfast from an egg and cheese toasted sandwich to a two egg omelette with garlic mushrooms.
I have no issue removing two bread units, as I know I was WAY over yesterday and it would be very difficult to calculate the food unit totals.

Dinner tonight for my Mum's Mother's Day.
I am not at all concerned with tonight's dinner as I am taking over some Red Rooster when I see my mum. I will be taking over my kitchen scales, my fruit, my nuts and a cob corn.
This way I can have my afternoon snacks, and weigh my portion of chicken (skin removed), and cook my own veges for dinner.
I can stick to my diet today to refocus and move on from yesterday.

All up, I know that I will be fine in a few days, but it does suck when I lose focus and gain a bit of weight. Wish me luck that I will be back on track shortly.


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