Week 049 - 47.0 kilos (103.6 lbs) lighter over 49 weeks! - Now officially 25% improved !

This week was another solid one kilo weight loss.
This brings me to a total of 47 kilos lost in 49 weeks.

I have also hit another cool milestone.

I am now 25% improved!

Yep, I have now lost 25% of my original body weight.

It's pretty amazing to think that I am now 75% of my original starting weight. 

I've always been awesome, but now I am 25% awesomer than before, (hey, I can make up words if I want) !

I hit some major milestones last week, so make sure you check out the Milestone Celebration Video -

Click the image to go to YouTube video

Click the image to go to YouTube video

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As well as hitting the 45 kilo milestone last week, it was also the 100 pound milestone, which is 20 of these blocks of 'fat'.

Hitting these milestones are really motivating, and they are bringing me closer to my major one year goal -
Fifty kilos in fifty-two weeks.

I am now slightly ahead of where I needed to be, with only three weeks to go till my one year milestone.

I now have only three kilos to lose in three weeks.

Wish me luck !!!

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