Week 050 - 48.4 kilos (106.7 lbs) lighter over 50 weeks! - Fitness is bringing me closer to my kids

Another great week with a solid 1.4 kilo loss, plus my fitness regime is bringing me closer to my kids!


A fantastic week !
This week I had an excellent 1.4 kilo weight loss and this has brought me much closer to my one year target of losing 50 kilos in 52 weeks.

With this great loss, 
I now have a highly achievable goal of losing 1.6 kilos in two weeks.

I'm very close to this goal, so stay tuned for the next two weekly updates and wish me luck !


Fitness is bringing me closer to my kids

One of the greatest benefits of losing nearly 50 kilos so far, is my massive increase in fitness. I now walk for about an hour six days per week, and this has vastly improved my fitness.

To try and maintain my muscle mass, a few months ago I introduced resistance band training. It is really challenging, and at times I don't want to do it, so I have to be disciplined and push myself to do the training four days a week.

To keep me accountable, I have asked my fifteen year old to join me in the resistance band training, and to my delight, he accepted.

He now joins me and we have a great time together. I show him how to get the correct form for the exercise and we keep each other accountable.

He has also accepted my recommendation in eating more high protein foods. I checked with my dietitian and she agreed that he needs to be in a calorie surplus that is high in protein as this will help him bulk up (he is very lean). 

So he has now swapped his toast with butter and honey for breakfast, to two eggs on toast with melted cheese on top, which is much healthier high protein alternative. 

He also now eats plenty of roasted chicken (also high in protein) for his school lunches.

I really look forward to my resistance bands sessions and my ten year old also joins in sometimes (though he's not really committed).  :)

My ten year old and I also kick the soccer ball some afternoons and it is great that I can move around now, as before my health journey there was no way in the world I would have even considered that much movement.

In summary, losing all this weight so far has definitely improved not just my health, but also the relationships in my life, and in particular bringing me closer to my kids.

I can't wait to crack the first 50 kilos in a few weeks, and then look forward to the next chapter, the journey to being sub-100 kilos !


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