Week 055 - 53.6 kilos (118.16 lbs) lighter over 55 weeks! - Last two weeks have been a struggle

I can't deny it, the last few weeks have become a struggle.


So, if you're a regular reader of this little blog, you would have noticed that there have been no updates for three weeks, since my one year milestone.

I've been pretty good with my food intake, but I have not been as focused as usual due to some personal challenges. As an IT contractor, I am used to contracts ending and being unemployed every now and then, but when it happens, it can still be very discouraging and can impact on my focus and motivation as well as extra time challenges.

My 12 month contract was due to finish in September, but due to internal changes with finances / resourcing etc, at the middle of June I found out that my contract would be finishing June 30, three months early.

Anyway, as I said, I am used to being out of work occasionally with contracting, but this time I have had negative impacts to my resistance band workouts due to job interviews, preparation etc.

I have still been pretty much on point with diet, except for the one night we went out for a family celebration dinner, which is the first one out for a very long time.

I chose a Brazilian BBQ all you can eat restaurant and my sixteen year old son loved all the different bbq meats delivered to our table. We had a great night out and it really had no major impact on my weight loss.

So why I have been struggling to lose a decent amount of weight?

Well here is the last few weeks of weight statistics.

Week 053 - 132.6 kg - 52.9 kilos lost total - 1.8 kilos lost that week
Week 054 - 132.0 kg - 53.5 kilos lost total - 600g lost that week
Week 055 - 131.9 kg - 53.6 kilos lost total - 100g lost that week

So, over three weeks, I have lost an amazing 2.5 kilos, however, this last week I have only lost 100g.

This is of course very disappointing, as the last time I lost less than one kilo in a week was week 42, three months ago.

So what's gone wrong?

Well, the better question is - What is different ?

Two things that I can think of immediately that may affect my weight loss are -
- My exercise level
- My calorie intake

Yep, pretty basic.

So what is different?

Exercise -
Firstly, in the week where I only lost 600g, I was unable to do any of my resistance band workouts.
It might not seem like a big change, but I have been doing four daily workouts, pretty much every week, since about February. So it might actually cause a change in weight loss.

I have continued with my daily walks, six days a week, so the level of calorie burning hasn't really changed too much on the cardio side.

The next thing is my diet.
Sure, I haven't really altered what I eat, however, as I am now much lighter than I was six months ago, I need to start eating less or exercising more if I want to keep losing around one kilo a week.

Yep, reality is starting to hit me.

I will need to exercise more, or eat less if still want those big losses.

I knew this would happen, but I thought it would be gradual.
I have actually started to prepare for this by altering my daily walks to include more hills and less flats. This will challenge my body more and make me work harder, but still within my one hour daily time frame.

So it looks like I need to start cutting back a bit on my food.
Effectively, I will be moving from Plan 3 down to Plan 2.

As I have lost weight, my metabolism has dropped.
I need less fuel to run this smaller engine.
If I keep eating at the same level, I will not lose weight as fast as I would like to.

So a few days ago I have changed my diet accordingly.

I have dropped my bread units from five bread units a day down to 4.5 units a day (Plan 2 is 4 units).
A few weeks ago, I dropped my healthy oils from 5 a day down to 4 a day.

I am still eating a higher number of protein units a day, but I may need to drop them down as well.
As I have a very high muscle mass percentage, I want to keep that, so I will need to keep doing the resistance bands and eat high protein as much as possible.

It really is a balance, and I will be speaking to my TWD dietitian on Monday to get her guidance, but I think this will be the best way forward.


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