Week 052 - 51.1 kilos (112.65 lbs) gone over 52 weeks! - My one year review !

What a difference a year makes !
I've smashed my major goal of losing 50 kilos in one year, I look at how my life has improved and I do a complete review of my health journey so far.


I sit here at my keyboard, one year after starting my health journey, and I am mesmerised by the transformation photo. I keep looking at the 'before' photo and my 'now' photo, and it literally brings a tear to my eye.

I look SO UNHEALTHY in the first photo.
Of course I do!
I was 185.5 kilos!
I was 409 pounds!
I was twice the size I should be!

I know I am smiling, but it is not a real smile.
Inside, I hate myself.
I avoid mirrors.

I avoid photos.
I worried every time I sat on a chair that it would break under my bulk.
I always parked close to wherever I was going so I wouldn't have to exert too much energy just going somewhere.
I hated walking in public as I felt people were judging me on my size.
I no longer enjoyed life like I should have.
I look so unhealthy.
I look depressed.
I knew that I was quickly killing myself with a horrendous diet and lack of movement, but it wasn't until a few days earlier than that photo that I decided to take control of my life back.

But then I look at the second photo.
Now that is a REAL smile!
The changes in my neck are astonishing.
I look SO much healthier.
My skin glows.
My eyes pop.
I see life in my eyes now!
I look completely different.
I still have a gut, but it is shrinking.
I have still have man boobs, but they too are shrinking.
I have still have a big butt, but it too is shrinking.
I can now see some definition in my arms, rather than just fat.
My face shows that I now see a bright future rather than obesity and dying young.
I have vigour.
I look younger.
It shows that I now take more pride in my appearance.

I am the happiest I have been in more than a decade !


How my life has improved !

Wow, where to start... Every-bloody-thing !

I'll try not to overload you with such a huge list, but here goes.
  • I am not out of breath tying up a shoelace
  • I am no longer puffed after walking up one flight of steps
  • I am not constantly hungry
  • I have so much energy
  • There is spare room in my seat-belt
  • I am not constantly terrified of having a chair break every time I sit down
  • I am not constantly scanning the room for a chair with no arms so it is more comfortable
  • No more back aches
  • Blood pressure is nearly perfect
  • No longer pre-diabetic
  • Resting heart rate is under 60 bpm
  • I actually look forward to my morning walk
  • I enjoy my resistance band work out with my 15 year old son
  • I no longer crave sugar
  • I no longer crave fatty foods
  • I can now turn my head to look over my shoulder while driving
  • I can now buy clothes at Target
    • Sure, it's the Mr Big section, but no longer a specialty fat guy shop
  • I have clothes that are not bursting at the seam constantly
  • I can play soccer with my ten year old and not worry about my health
  • I take pride in my appearance
  • I have more confidence
  • I am more likely to want to be in a photo
  • I am no longer ashamed looking in a mirror
  • It is much easier moving behind or around people.
  • I eat fruit, and look forward to it
  • I now know when to stop eating
Pretty safe to say, my life has improved exponentially !


My one year health review !

On day 365, I got my DEXA scan so I could review my progress on a medical level.
A DEXA scan is a medically accurate full body scan. It is as accurate as possible without doing an autopsy (I think it is a bit early for one of those).

Unfortunately, I didn't discover the DEXA scan until three months into my journey, and I really regret I don't have the stats from day 1. Looking back now, those stats would have been mind blowing.

The stats below will show my stats at Week 13 and Week 52.

On a wonderful side note, my Week 52 scan was the first time I was able to fit within the line markers of the DEXA scan. Previously, I was too wide to get the scan, so the technician had to 'half' my body and replicate the stats for the other side so we could actually have a semi accurate scan.

It is a huge milestone to know that I can now fit within the line markers.

Also, it is the first time I was able to remove my wedding ring for the scan.

These NSVs (Non-Scale Victories) are really important milestones !

DEXA statistics - For 39 weeks (Nine Months)
Note, I only started my DEXA scans at Week 13.
DEXA weights may vary from my official TWD weights as the scales are different and the DEXA scan may not be on my official weigh in days.

Weight transformation - DEXA
Week 013 - 167.8 kg
Week 052 - 135.0 kg
Summary - Excellent weight loss of 32.8 kilos in 39 weeks (Nine months)

Body Fat Kg - DEXA
Week 013 - 81.03 kg
Week 052 - 52.25 kg
Summary - This is a great statistic. My body fat in kilos dropped a massive 28.78 kilos

Body Fat % - DEXA
Week 013 - 48.3%
Week 052 - 38.7%
Summary - I love this statistic. My body fat % dropped 9.6% - 
Healthy body fat percentage for a male my age is around 22%

Body Muscle Kg - DEXA
Week 013 - 83.25 kg
Week 052 - 79.12 kg
Summary - I'm a bit disappointed that I lost some muscle mass.
However, it is only a drop of around four kilos, which is remarkable considering I lost nearly 29 kilos of fat over the same time period.

Body Muscle % - DEXA
Week 013 - 49.61%
Week 052 - 58.6%
Summary - I am very impressed that my muscle percentage increased from 49.6 % to 58.6 %.
I will continue to work on my resistance training to keep as much muscle as possible.

VAT - (the dangerous fat around my organs) - DEXA
Week 013 - 387 cm2
Week 052 - 183 cm2
Summary - Healthy target is 100 cm2 
This is a great statistic. The dangerous fat around my organs has plummeted from a staggering 387 cm2 down to 183 cm2. The healthy range is 100 cm2, so I still have a lot to go, but considering I have lost 200 cm2 in nine months, I am very confident that I will reach the healthy range.

Measurements -
Week 000 - Shirt size - 9XL - 142 cm
Week 052 - Shirt size - 4XL - 117 cm

Week 000 - Pants size - 157 cm (62 inch)
Week 052 - Pants size - 127 cm (50 inch)

Summary - That is some impressive movement on the clothes sizes!
Keep an eye out for my upcoming one year milestone video on YouTube and Facebook for the astonishing video of me in my old super-sized clothes!


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