Week 058 - 57.9 kilos (127.65 lbs) lighter over 58 weeks! - A weight gain and a loss - Many non-scale victories

A weight gain last week !
A big loss this week !
And many AWESOME non-scale victories.


Well it's been a very confusing two weeks if I just look at the scales.

Two weeks ago, for some strange reason, I actually had a weight gain !
The last time I had a weight gain was in February, when I went away for work, and I overate. :P
But this time I was focused, so no real reason why the scales didn't move.

Sure, it was only a 100 gram gain, but it still did my head in.

Looking back, I did my exercises, I ate perfectly, the only real difference was my headspace.
I was stressed with my mind going crazy trying to work out how to fit in my daily exercise regime, diet etc with my new job and the time pressures that I will face.

It affected my sleep quite badly for a few days, but everything eventually settled down.
It might just be that sometimes my headspace can negatively affect my weight loss, as once my mind settled down, my sleep increased, my headspace switched back to being super focused on my health and the next week I was rewarded with a massive 1.9 kilo weight loss.

So all up, it looks like my body just reset itself.

Just goes to show that I need to stick to my regime and accept that the reward may take longer sometimes.

So this brings me up to being extremely close to my goal of averaging one kilo a week, every week.

On Friday, I had lost 57.9 kilos in 58 weeks, that is pretty damn close !


But even more important has been the many NSVs (non-scale victories).

These are SO much better than just looking at numbers.

The last few weeks, I have noticed so many 'little things', that are actually really important.

So here goes with a bit of list of these NSVs.
  • Taking pride in how I look
  • Feeling comfortable in my business clothes at job interviews
  • Sitting comfortably in my work chair
    • I usually had to try and get a chair with no arms so I had space for my big butt.
  • Not sweating like crazy when just sitting at my work desk
    • I no longer need a desk fan blowing on my face just to feel comfortable.
  • I can now breathe while putting on my shoes 
  • Sitting on the lounge and cross my legs
  • Having clothes that ACTUALLY fit well
  • So much space now when driving in my car
  • The ability to turn my head easily when driving my car
  • Not sweating constantly just 'living'
  • Knowing the difference between boredom and hunger
  • Knowing the difference between thirst and hunger
  • REALLY understanding the importance of a balanced diet
  • REALLY understanding the importance of portion control
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Bye for now !


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