Week 059 - 59.0 kilos (130.0 lbs) lighter over 59 weeks! - One kilo loss this week - Plus an awesome tip from my dietitian

One kilo lost this week !
Plus, an awesome tip from my dietitian.


Well, it looks like my body is starting to settle down and 'reward' me for all my hard work.
I had an awesome one kilo loss this week, but it took nearly half a week for my weight to start the downward trend this week.

I was a bit disheartened the last few weeks as the numbers on the scales have been up and down more than normal. I have been speaking to my dietitian on a fortnightly basis, and although she explained it, and I understand it, it is still really disheartening that my body will take its sweet time to reward me with the lower numbers.

So here's the tip that REALLY resonated with me this week.

Concentrate on the non-scale victories rather than the numbers on the scale.

Considering my blog post last week focused EXACTLY on that, why hadn't my mind been focusing on that as well?

Our minds are complex and completely control our bodies.

It really clicked when Pennie (my dietitian), told me to focus on all the other things I got right the two weeks prior. And upon reflection, this are MORE IMPORTANT than the numbers on the scale going down.

This includes -
  • I ate my normal meal while the family ate store bought fish and chips.
  • I maintained my one kilo a week weight loss
  • I did six resistance band sessions each week
  • I continued with food prep
  • I continued with walking
  • I continued with my meal plan

And since Wednesday, my EXTRA successes have been
  • I have now committed to squats six days a week instead of three days a week
    • I used to HATE squats, but now I am getting used to them, I need to increase them
  • I have increased the speed of my treadmill from 5.0 km per hour to 5.4 km per hour
  • I can fit into my new work shirt, and it is only size 2XL !!!
  • I only had one small slice of home made birthday cake for my son's birthday today
  • At my son's 'birthday breakfast', I chose poached eggs on toast
    • This is pretty much the same breakfast I have every day.
    • The only difference is I had two eggs instead of one, plus no cheese today
So, the main thing to remember is.

- Even just doing what you are supposed to, is a MASSIVE win !

Yep, it really is that simple.

Not eating that second indulgence, doing my meal prep, going for my morning walk, doing my resistance training, these are ALL SUCCESSES !!!

And the most important part of this strategy?
- Write the successes down, and review them weekly!

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Bye for now !


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