The Keys to Weight Loss Success - Part 2 - Plus - I've lost as much as my Mum weighs!

I've now lost as much as my Mum weighs !

The Keys to Weight Loss Success! - Part 2

This is the second post in my new series of blog posts on 'The Keys to Weight Loss Success!'

To read Part 1, go here - Link

Introduction - 
With the 'Silly Season' and holidays coming soon, I have thought a lot about how I need to prepare myself so I can still celebrate with family and friends, but not blow away all the progress I have made so far with all my hard work.

October is busy with me as my birthday is coming soon, plus our family has several get-togethers, the street Christmas party also comes soon, and then the Christmas festivities arrive. You get the idea.

And with all this celebration comes the challenges.
  • How do I celebrate my birthday without feeling guilty about 'going off track'?
  • How do I enjoy a night out a restaurant without worrying about food choices?
  • How do I entertain family and friends and still meet my ultimate goals of health and fitness?
As part of my preparation, I got thinking about all the strategies I use to keep on track, which have actually become the keys to my weight loss success so far.


So without further ado, here is my second and very critical tip.

Track everything!

Just like my first tip in last week's blog post - Link - this one is absolutely critical.

Track everything ! (Yes, I typed it here twice! It really is this critical).

If I track my food, I lose weight -

Quite simply, if I track my food and stay within my limits and recommendations, I lose weight.
If I don't track, I don't lose weight.

It really is black and white for me. 

It sounds really easy to do, but in reality, I have to consciously add food to the tracker.
My routine makes it much simpler for me as I have the same meals every week, but the principal is the same.

If I eat something different, or go out for dinner, I need to add it to the tracker. 

Don't underestimate the power of the tracker.
To me, it is the single most important part of the Total Wellbeing Diet plan.

My memory is not perfect, so if I am filling out my food tracker for yesterday, there is no chance that I will accurately remember what food I ate. It is for that reason that I update my tracker on the phone as I am eating or ordering the food.

And when I come across a food that is not in the food tracker / food search, I choose the closest thing to it that I can find and add that.

To get a new item added to the tracker, I photograph the label and nutritional details and send it the TWD support team.

The Support Team at TWD do a fantastic job, but at the end of the day, they are humans too. And as I have spent the last twenty years working as an IT professional, I know the stresses they go through to answer support queries, keep the website up, monitor the Facebook group and update the food tracker in a timely manner.

It used to be a huge bug bear of mine that it would take four to six weeks for a new food to be added to the food tracker.

Well I must congratulate the team because the last few times I submitted new foods, they appeared in a week. There really is no reason now for me not to live in the food tracker and use it to keep me on track to my ultimate health goals.

So there it is, one of the most important keys to my weight loss success so far.

Track Everything !


Weekly update -

Wow... what a week.

I smashed out another 1.5 kilo loss this week, and that included a night out with my son to see a comedy show.

It is great to see that once again, Consistency got me through (just like my tip from last week) - Link
Even though I went off my weekly meal plan, I kept myself to eating a relatively healthy terriyaki chicken sub from Subway.

It was a healthy choice and I enjoyed it, and I still had a great weight loss as I had kept up my consistency for every other meal.

I have a big week ahead with dinner at a Spanish restaurant with the family for my birthday, plus a family get together next weekend. I will be choosing wisely, but I still intend to have healthy choices, everything in moderation, and enjoy myself.

Consistency will get me through this week, and the upcoming challenges that lie ahead.

And as you see from the photo at the top of this post, I have lost as much as my Mum weighs !

Yep, that lovely lady I am pictured with weighs 71 kilos, exactly as much as I lost so far.

It still blows my mind that I have lost as much as my Mum weighs.
That means, that at my heaviest 71 weeks ago, it was the equivalent of me carrying my Mum around, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I'd love to be inspired with your weight loss stories.
Tell us how much you've lost and what is the equivalent.

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