Week 073 - 72.6 kilos (160 lbs) lighter over 73 weeks! - Huge mental relapse - Plus, I've lost as much as my colleague weighs !

Confession time -

I had a huge mental relapse this week and went back to my old ways.
I am ashamed to admit it, but it happened.

I thought I had beaten my addiction to sweets, but I gave into temptation at work during our Melbourne Cup lunch.

I stuck with healthy choices first off, choosing some chicken pieces and removing the skin.
I even avoided the deli ham.
I had a few bits of bread with a dab of butter.

So far, so good.

But then I had one of the dessert / cakes.
And it was amazing.

Something triggered within, and I had another.

Everyone at work knows about my health journey, and everyone is supportive.
No-one says things like "You can't have that, you're on a diet".

I just kept it to the two pieces of cake while around everyone, but when we went back to our desks, all I could think about was having another piece of cake.

And that's when the old habits hit hard... Really hard...

I went back to where the cakes where to sneak another one.
And the bit that I am ashamed of, was that I actively made sure no-one was around to see me.

Obviously now I look back and I see that I lost control.
I realise now that I was eating in secrecy and that I was ashamed of my actions then, even when I was doing it.

But I didn't stop at one.
In fact, in all honesty, I can't REALLY remember how many I snuck.

My best guess is probably that I ate four in secrecy.

It's a tough thing to own up to, especially publicly in my blog, but it is critical that I accept that I am human, and that I am susceptible to temptation, and that I will be challenged like this for the rest of my life.

I will need to be aware of my weaknesses and stay true in the future so I don't go back to my old ways.

On a positive note, I refocused myself the next day, and stayed true to myself and stuck to my pre-made meals and exercise regime.

Ultimately, I ended up losing 500 grams that week, but I also learned a valuable lesson.

I need to still be on my guard constantly, as I can (and have) easily slipped back into bad habits.
I still haven't kicked my sugar addiction.
It is mostly under control, but I still need to be super careful not to slip back again into those bad habits.

Once again, this shows that consistency will get me through.

If you missed it earlier, you can read my blog post about consistency Link
It really is critical to my current and future success.

Just check out the table below to get an idea of the weight loss roller-coaster that was the last week and a bit.

The day after our birthday family get together, I spike up 800 grams overnight.
I then dropped 300 grams the next night, and then was static.
I then jumped 200 grams over night after the Melbourne Cup blowout.
I was amazed that I didn't jump up even higher after that.

And then I lost 2.3 kg over the next four days.

It just goes to show how weight loss really isn't linear or predictable.
Our bodies really are amazing!


On a positive ending - 

I love finding out that I have lost the same amount as how much someone I know weighs. 

I work with Carlo and he just got back from racing his road bike in Italy, and we were chatting and realised that I have lost 72 kilos, which is exactly as much as he currently weighs!

Check out the photo at the top of the page !

Carlo races his road bike regularly and is super fit. He previously did the Tour de Cure where his team cycled 1,700 kms over 10 days, so fitness really is a passion of his.

To realise that I have now lost as much as he weighs really puts some perspective on my journey so far. Carlo has a cyclist's body, super lean and muscular, and it is amazing to realise that less than 18 months ago, my body was the same size as if I was carrying him today.

That's me carrying him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
No wonder I was exhausted just walking up a set of stairs or more than a few metres.

I'd love to be inspired with your weight loss stories.
Tell us how much you've lost and what is the equivalent.


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