Week 069 - 69.0 kilos (152.1 lbs) lighter over 69 weeks! - Dreams can come true - First time in a water slide for decades !

Dreams do come true - 
My first time in a water slide for decades !

If you told me eighteen months ago that one day I would be spending the day RIDING the water slide with my kids, I would have thought you were mad.

Eighteen months ago, we did go to the local leisure centre for swims, but my boys would have been running up and down those stairs and riding the water slide while I was swimming in the pool.

Hiding actually...
Ashamed of my body size.

Too scared that I would get stuck or injured on the slide.
Worried that I could somehow damage the slide due to my size.

Embarrassed and worried about what other people would think about a guy weighing 185.5 kilos attempting to ride that slide.

I knew that I was too big back then.
I knew that I would be exhausted just climbing those stairs.

But fast forward 18 months and there I was.

I climbed the 39 stairs with ease!

I was pretty excited.
I was about to go on a waterslide...
The first time in over two decades !

It was a dream come true.

I sat down on that tiny torn mat, shuffled my butt until I scooted enough forward...

And then...


It was quite exhilarating.

As a big guy, my mass meant that I was going pretty fast (at least it felt pretty fast).

My speed built up and I was shooting up the sides of the slides.

I'm not religious, but I did see God a few times as the momentum pushed me up over the halfway mark of the sides of the tube.

I gave a silent thanks that the slide was not open and was fully sealed tube!

And then I finally exited.

It was exhilarating.

I knew I was grinning from ear to ear.

I got up, and did it all again.

I chatted with my son about how much fun it was.
We had a blast.

I probably did that ride about ten times, and loved it every time.

Another great time was when my son and I just mucked around and chased each other in the 'River Rapids'. This is just the area around the waterslide exit, but they pump the water around and it becomes a fairly short circuit that moves you around. 

It is actually pretty fun and is a bit of a workout as you try and hold onto the sides, chase each other or go against the water flow.

All up, it was an awesome day.

It has been a dream of mine for what seems like forever.

Just to be able to spend high quality time with my kids... 

Joining in on the fun rather than watching from afar.
Being involved, rather than just organising.

Dreams do come true!

And sometimes the hardest step on a journey, is being brave enough to take the first step.


Latest update -
Still on track with a nice loss this week to keep me at exactly one kilo loss per week every week.
SO CLOSE to losing 70 kilos total.
Hopefully next week I can hit that 70 kilos target.

A few challenges coming up with a 50th birthday party for a friend. I am keeping my bread units open that night to allow for a bread roll at the BBQ. I am not too worried about it as I know that my diet will be on point for the rest of the week and I am going there to celebrate a milestone birthday.

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