Week 068 - 68.4 kilos (150.8 lbs) lighter over 68 weeks! - Behind the Scenes at our Success Stories Shoot

Cue the music... 
Right Said Fred... I'm Too Sexy...
Lights, Camera... ACTION !!!


Yep, that's new improved me... 
Standing there in fashionable clothes, 'waving my little tush on the catwalk'... 

I wish! 
I still got a big tush, but getting smaller every week !

So how did I get there?
Well, myself and four lovely ladies were selected to be part of the CSIRO, Total Wellbeing Diet's Success Stories!

All of us have had amazing success. We have all had very personal journeys, and I can't wait to read them and hear the Success Stories videos that will be coming out soon.

I knew I was up for an awesome day when I sat in the plane seat for the flight down to Sydney...

I had the best NSV (Non Scale Victory) - I didn't need a seat belt extender on the plane flight !

You read that right... NO BELT EXTENSION NEEDED !

I can't remember the last time I flew without that constant anxiety of knowing I was too big to fit into the air plane seats. 
Knowing that my girth would be overflowing into the other person's personal space.
Feeling the shame of asking for the extension belt.

I was elated !
It is impossible to describe how truly awesome I felt (and still feel now), being able to sit in the seat, with no extension belt, and being able to put down the tray table without it sitting on a 45 degree angle because of my huge gut.

It was one of the best feelings ever!

The Success Stories is also the first time I have ever been called 'Talent'.
I've been called plenty of things over the last 53 odd years, but 'Talent' was not one of them !
Yep, we got the 'call sheet' a week before the trip and I laughed out loud when I saw the word 'Talent' next to my name... Definitely not what my kids would agree with 😂

The night before -
The TWD team put the interstate travelers up at a beautiful hotel with a magnificent view.

On the day -
We had to meet at the shoot at 8 am, and the house was pretty awesome. It was at Hunter's Hill and estimated value would be around $12 million. It was huge, and allowed the photographer and videographer plenty of space to shoot with varied backgrounds for each of us (the talent) 😎

I was treated to a bit of hair gel to make my glorious mane even more glorious. But I advised them "Strictly no hair dye", as I wanted to keep my 'George Clooney / Silver Fox' look.

Next, I was treated to a bit of make up to make sure I wasn't too shiny ! (What the...)

I was then treated to a stylist who dressed me 'fashionably'. This was pretty cool as I used to think a polo shirt and Stubbies were the height of fashion. The best bit was fitting into size 112 cm trousers.

Before starting my health journey sixteen months ago, there is no way in the world I would have ever imagined that I would fit COMFORTABLY into size 112 cm trousers (I used to wear size 157 cm).

I was the first to start my photo-shoot and I had a blast. As I was a professional photographer until 2000,  I already knew how to stand and tilt my head etc, as I was telling brides and grooms for sixteen years how to do that. But it really is a buzz to be treated like a king and have everyone fuss over you.

Of course my sense of humour kicked in and I demanded...
"Hey... I am the Talent!... I cannot work under these conditions! Please start my modeling music !"

And then the photographer's assistant agreed and played my request...
Right Said Fred...
I'm Too Sexy! 

I refrained from shaking my tush, but we all had a good laugh!

During breaks I got to chat to the ladies that will feature in the Success Stories, and everyone's journeys are amazing. I won't spoil them here, but make sure you read the stories and watch the videos when they are released as they are extremely inspiring!

Next up was the video shoot.
This was so much fun and actually very confronting as well. There are several times when my emotions got the better of me as I went through my journey so far. 

It will make good video I am sure, but standing there talking about how I was before losing weight is really emotional and I felt so vulnerable. But it is a story I am now proud of, and I truly hope I can inspire others to change their life like I have.

Another photo session - 
Shoot with my dietitian, 'The Amazing Pennie' (Note, She doesn't officially go by that name).
It was awesome to actually meet my dietitian Pennie face to face. 

She actually IS my dietitian, and she has helped me so much over my journey. 
She really has been a critical component of my success so far. She really has educated me so much in regards to eating healthy, portion control and having everything in moderation.

It was so much fun standing there, face to face and pretending to have a conversation and laugh together... It was SO NATURAL. 😂

And yes, that is a HUGE reflector to ensure 'The Talent' are perfectly lit (Pennie is also appropriately classed as 'Talent').

Next up was a shot of me having my dietitian session with The Amazing Pennie.
Note how relaxed and natural I am sitting in the sun, chatting with my dietitian in the courtyard of my $12 million stately manor. Ah, the magic of professional photo shoots!

Finally, a photo-shoot with the good old 'white background'.
The last session was in the underground garage, which was under the full size tennis court (of course it was).
I had a lot of fun with this shoot as we brought out our 'fat clothes'.

My fat pants are a size 157 cm. 

The pants I was wearing in the photo-shoot were a size 112 cm.
I am a massive 45 cm smaller, that's nine pant sizes !

It still stuns me when I look at my fat pants, they are fricking huge!
I still can't believe I used to fit into them.
And they are so long...
Apparently when they make clothes that big, the manufacturer must think that I must also be seven foot tall to have a waist measurement that big!

During this shoot I also got out my anatomically correct representation of 5 pounds of fat.
Unfortunately I don't have any behind the scenes photos of this, but you will get an idea of the size from this snapshot in one of my videos.

The most amazing part is, I have lost 30 of these 'blocks of fat'.

Summary -
In summary, it really was an awesome 24 hours.
I got to meet the amazing CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet team, and I can honestly say, they are an extremely dedicated team that really do focus on providing the best program they can.

I have to thank the team of professionals that made me look the best possible by dressing me up in awesome clothes, making my hair look perfect, and making my skin less shiny.
I also have to thank the videography and photography teams. They were extremely professional and a delight to work with.

And of course, I got to meet the amazing ladies that were selected to be part of the Success Stories.
They are all truly inspirational, and I can't wait to read and hear their stories.


Latest update -
Anyway, I'll finish off this lengthy post with my latest update.
I am still on track perfectly with my target of losing one kilo a week, every week.
I did get a bit derailed over the last two weeks as I enjoyed my last visit to the Qantas Lounge and overindulged on cheese and bickies, bourbon, and too many carbs over those few days.

But, once back home, I was refocused with my food, kept smashing out the daily walk, and was back on track in a few days. This really does show that consistency is critical to my continued success. I CAN have the odd bad day a month and not go off track if I am perfect for the rest of the time.

Plus I achieved two amazing milestones this week -

  • I no longer need a seat belt extension for plane seats
  • I have lost an amazing 150 pounds in the old measurements / US measurements

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  1. Congratulations! You are an inspiration. I'm nearing the end of program 1 and enthusiasm was lagging...especially for exercise. I'll do my best to follow your lead with a daily walk!