Week 075 - 75.0 kilos (165.35 lbs) lighter over 75 weeks! - I've lost as much as my neighbour plus plenty of other comparisons !


What a milestone...

This is something I have dreamed of for such a long time.

I can't believe I have now lost as much weight as how much my neighbour weighs!
I've now lost an amazing 75 kilos !!!

Just look at this photo.
I've lost as much as him !!!

My neighbour - Colin who weighs 75 kilos !

I still can't believe that I have lost as much weight as Colin!

That is the equivalent of me carrying Colin around on me... all day every day...
24 hours a day...
7 days a week...

As another cool comparison, 75 kilos is also the weight of my son, plus another third of him !

One and a third of my son Jack who weighs  56 kilos !

It's also twice as much as my other son weighs !!!

Two times my son Cooper who weighs 37.7 kilos

And for a laugh, here are some other cool comparisons to give us some perspective.

I've now lost...

300 potatoes - 300 large potatoes that weigh 250g each

75 one litre bottles of water

200 standard cans of Coke that are 375 grams

3,409 Tim Tams that weigh 22 grams each

85,227 M&Ms that weigh 0.88 grams each

6,637 Oreos that weigh 11.3 grams each

1,500 Snickers Bars that weigh 50 grams each

$6,000 worth of Lindt Easter Egg chocolate - 75 kilos at $80 per kilo
That's 75 of these huge one kilo Lindt Easter Bunnies

It's also...

9 and a third big bags of dog food that weigh 8 kilos each

6 bags of pool salt that weigh 15 kilos each

150 tubs of butter that weigh 500 grams each

83 tubs of of Raspberry Ripple ice cream that weigh 900g each

Man this does my head in!

My only regret is that I waited so long to turn my life around.

Dreams really do come true !!!

I'd love to hear comparisons to how much weight you've lost.

Tell us how much you've lost and what is the equivalent in potatoes, Tim Tams and any other cool thing you can think of.


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