Week 087 - 86.7 kilos (191.14 lbs) lighter over 87 weeks! - I've cracked the 99.9 kilo barrier - Plus my reward to myself.

I'm living in the 90s !!!

It's been a LONG journey getting here, but I've finally cracked the double figures.
I'm finally under 100 kilos officially.

In fact - I am now down to 98.8 kilos!

I haven't seen numbers on the scale that low in around 14 years.

My official stats on Friday 14 February show these magical numbers
That number, 98.8 - means so much me to me.

A LOT of hard work, discipline, consistency and commitment have gone into reaching this milestone.

As you can see in my progress chart below, I started at a whopping 185.5 kilos in June 2018.
It's taken me 87 weeks to get here, but it has been a truly life changing experience.

As you can see, I've cracked my official 'initial' goal of 99.9 kilos, and I really don't know what my final goal will be just yet.

In 2002, I weighed just 89.9 kilos after losing 54 kilos in 60 weeks on Weight Watchers. It was a great achievement, but I didn't learn anything about diet and nutrition. My weight started to balloon about a year later as I was suffering post natal depression after the birth of our first son. I then let life get in the way and eat junk food and skip exercise.

You can see more of my story in my Success Story Video on YouTube. Click the image or links

Success Story - https://blog.totalwellbeingdiet.com/success/how-terry-lost-42-of-his-body-weight

And here I am, 87 weeks since starting my journey to health, happiness and fitness, and I can't believe I am finally under 100 kilos.

As a reward to myself for reaching such a significant milestone, I rewarded myself with something that I haven't had for around 17 years.

An MX-5.

Before kids came along, I owned three of these awesome cars in the 90s (coincidentally the numbers match what I weigh now). Back then I was a wedding and portrait photographer and I loved going on weekend drives in these awesome convertibles.

As our eldest is now on his learners, and I have been saving diligently for years, it is time to spoil myself with the best reward ever...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...

My MX-5.

One of the concerns I have had over the years was that I would never drive one of these again due to my physical size and the inability to even fit into this tiny car.

Well, now that I have lost nearly 87 kilos, I am proud to say that I CAN fit in the car, and I have PLENTY of room around me to sit comfortably.

And this car is FRICKING AWESOME !!!

I bought it yesterday and last night I took each of my boys out for a nice long night drive with the roof off. The boys loved it...

I can't stop smiling!

And it was a great time with each of my boys giving this car a bit of stick to see how it goes.

Unfortunately my wife doesn't enjoy the convertible, and never has (it messes her hair up apparently).

I'd love to hear about your ultimate goals and rewards.

It might be some numbers on the scale, or an upcoming wedding or celebration.
We all have personal goals, and I'd love to know what drives you all and what your rewards will be.

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  1. You are amazing. Love the convertible. Surely your wife can tie her hair up or back and put on a cap �� or even a scarf as they did in the movies like Grace Kelly. I love my Orange convertible.

  2. Wonderful post and a stunning transformation too :-) Love the MX-5 mate and well deserved reward. The biggest reward is your ability to fully and completely participate in all aspects of your life unencumbered by the extra burden of weight. Really proud of your achievements and it's a privilege being part of your journey. Chapeau !!!!!