Week 089 - 87.4 kilos (192.68 pounds) lighter over 89 weeks! - My reward to myself for weighing less than 100 kg

And here is my reward - Bluey, aka 'The Blue Bullet', 
for reaching my biggest milestone so far... Cracking 99.9 kilos.

When I started at 185.5 kilos way back in June 2018, I never thought I would ACTUALLY get back under the 100 kilos. 

Sure that was one of my ultimate goals, but back then, it was most likely wishful thinking.

And then, just two weeks ago, I finally OFFICIALLY cracked those magic numbers on the scale.
To see those numbers was truly a dream come true.

You can check out that blog post here - Link - 

It was an AMAZING feeling. 
I was the lightest I had been for around 15 years.

It was a long journey to get there, and I had a few missteps, but generally I just kept my head down and my every shrinking ass up, and just kept going.

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to get back into an MX-5 at some stage, but 90 odd weeks ago, I knew deep down that I wouldn't have even fitted myself into this tiny car. But having owned several in the 1990s, I've always loved that distinct look, and I knew that one day, ONE DAY, I would be back in one.

I started saving for my MX-5 way back in March 2017 (about 15 months before I started my health journey). Thinking back now, I would have had no idea that I would ACTUALLY be small enough at some time in the future to fit into one of these cars, but, we all have dreams.

My MX-5s were a big part of my life.

I had a beautiful blue MX-5 back in 1994 and it featured in our wedding photos.
Unfortunately the only wedding photos I had were in black and white, but they are still quite special to me and featured in a few of our photos.

I had another few MX-5s over the years until we got rid of my last one around 16 years ago, just before we started our family. They were a big part of my life, for around ten years, so it was something really special for me to jump back into one a few weeks ago.

So here is Bluey... my favourite new part of my life.

I've worked so hard to get her, but she definitely brings a smile to my face.
I saved for years, and worked hard on my new healthy lifestyle to make sure I can actually feel comfortable when taking her for a spin.

I've already taken each of the boys out on a night run, roof off, wind in our hair.
It was magic.

I joined the MX-5 car club of QLD and we had our first run with them last weekend.
There were 24 cars on the run, and we had a blast driving through from Nambour through the hinterlands down to Beerwah for a pub lunch.

As I am still very focused on weight loss, I chose healthy food at the pub (which can be quite challenging at a pub). I had some lovely grilled barramundi- with SALAD !!!

My wife later pointed out that I was lying as I was eating SALAD, while wearing my favourite shirt - Homer Simpson saying "You don't win friends with salad".  😂

Two years ago there was no chance in the world that I would have eaten salad. I would have had a parmy and chips, or steak and chips, or a fisherman's basket.

Notice how chips are in every one of those meals.

Well I loved my light lunch, and I gave all of my chips to my teenage son who scoffed his huge burger and chips, and then ate my chips as well !


Weight Loss Update -

Just like everyone, I sometimes have gains, and last week that happened.

I was VERY FRUSTRATED that I didn't get the reward that I thought the scales owed me.
I was perfect on my food.
I was doing the same exercise.

But as you can see in the table below, I actually had a 300 gram gain in Week 088!

That may not seem a lot, but to me, I was pretty pissed, because there is no logical reason why I should have had a gain.

But the worse part was, it threw my numbers.
I was no longer on track to hit 90 kilos in 90 weeks.

That got to me.

I know that my progress so far is pretty awesome, but I love seeing those numbers being equal.
One kilo each week has been my focus, and so far, I've been pretty close to spot on.

So it goes to show that our bodies do what they want.

I put it down to my body 'rebelling' from all the weight I've lost over the last 90 weeks.

So I have to accept that numbers aren't everything, and that unexplained weight gain is all part of the journey.

So this week I have tweaked my diet a tiny bit to try and fast track as much as possible to get as close as possible to that magical 90 kg by this Friday (three days time).

I've already made great headway, so it depends on how my body reacts.

If you're wondering on the tweaks, I am just focusing my protein intake for lunches and dinners on seafood and kangaroo.


Because seafood and kangaroo are high on protein so I reach my protein units, but also much lower in calories than other protein sources.

And yes... I know we focus on units rather than calories, but I am tweaking my intake to give me that little short term advantage.

So, I guess you'll have to wait until the next blog post to see actually how close I get to the 90 kg loss in 90 weeks.

Wish me luck !

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