My strategies for getting back on track FAST after poor decisions have seen me gain weight


I've gained weight, and now I need to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.


You read right, I've put on weight...

Not too much, but enough to make me realise that bad habits are sneaking back in.

I am still within my two kilo window above and below my maintenance weight of 85.5 kg, but I know that I need to refocus, and bring my weight back under control before it gets out of hand.

And to place myself under a bit more pressure, my 27 month milestone (two years and three months milestone) is happening in one week time, and I want to get back to my ultimate goal weight of 85.5 kg.

This is the magic number to me as when I am at that weight, I have lost 100 kilograms ! 

So how much have I gained?

I have gained 1.4 kilos, and my current weight is 86.9 kg.
Sure it's not the end of the world, and I am still within that maintenance window of sticking between 83.5 kg and 87.5 kg, but I have recently caved in to my sugar addiction at my new workplace.

And I have also gone back to my old habit of overeating - not too much, but I need also bring that back into check.

So how and when did my focus change, and why?

Well, I would love to blame my 12 year old son, as it was his birthday when I started to slip into my old habits of poor choices. 

But at the end of the day, it is my choices, and my consequences.
And I need to own them!!!

Birthday celebrations saw me give in to desserts at restaurants and too much cake at family get-togethers. I survived my other son's birthday, and I even mention in my last blog post that I was able to celebrate and not gain weight. - Read that blog post here - Link

But looking back now, I can see that I was getting too relaxed.
My mindset was - "I got this".
I was thinking "I'm on maintenance, I can eat more".

And over those next six weeks I slowly increased my ice cream intake and portion sizes.

These bad decisions have lead to my weight spiking over the last few weeks.
From Week 111 to Week 112 I gained a whopping 2.5 kg !

I had maxed out at 87.0 kg.
The heaviest I had been since Week 101...

And even though I thought I was trying to get back on track, the numbers don't lie.

Now with clarity, I can see that I have struggled. I did get the weight back down to 86.0 kg a week ago, but a few days ago the scales showed I had jumped 900 grams in one week and was back to nearly 86.9 kg.

This last week was very challenging at work.
But, like I said before, it was MY CHOICES that make the difference.

My new place of work is awesome, but I need to control myself around the food choices.

As a great benefit, work organises a free lunch for all staff once a month.
They get a food van to visit and this month it was Japanese.
I had the Teriyaki chicken and rice, which was awesome, and fit my normal maintenance diet perfectly.

Work also provides biscuits, which was my downfall.

Once again I thought to myself "I can have a biscuit, I am on maintenance".
But one biscuit quickly becomes several.

And at night, sometimes I would eat extra ice cream, or extra Vita Weets, or both.

This wouldn't be a problem if it was once a week.
But if it is every few days, it becomes a problem.

And those sweet biscuits at work, well that become a daily treat rather than a once off.

And we had a 'Lunch and Learn' this week where work provides lunch for us.
It would have been fine if I limited myself to only a few sandwiches, but I had probably six chicken, Camembert and avocado sandwiches.

And the next day, well, let's just say those biscuits featured ONCE AGAIN (more than once actually).

But the clincher was...
Just after I ate about four or five biscuits, an email went round inviting us all in for birthday cake.

You know where this is going....

Two BIG slabs of premium cake later, and I was feeling bloated (what a surprise).

And then the weigh in the next day...
And like I said...  Once again backup to 86.9 kg.

So that was Friday (two days ago), and I vowed to sort myself out and try and get back to 85.5 kg in one week's time. 
To lose 1.4 kg in one week is pretty challenging, but to do it during maintenance, well that will be even harder...

But I'm going to give it a red hot crack.

And to make it more challenging...
Father's Day weekend.
With Saturday night at a Brazilian BBQ (unlimited food)... I knew it would be challenging.
And to make it more challenging...
I was going to cook my world famous Picanha (rump cap steak) for family lunch and pork ribs for dinner).

Yep, it certainly is a meat festival at the Munro household this weekend.

Anyway, the meals were awesome, as was the dessert on Saturday night at the Brazilian BBQ, and we had a great time.


So now... 
On to my strategies...

After setting my goal to lose 1.4 kg in one week, I knew I have to pull out all stops and tweak my diet, especially with this weekend's 'protein festival'.

So I sat down and mapped out my menu for the upcoming week.

As I have been following the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet for over two years now, I know my food units inside out. And as a free-styler, I create my own meal plans and understand the best bang for bucks for my food groups too.

You'll see a LOT of kangaroo in the meal plans above. This is because it is one of the lowest fat red meats available (only 2% fat compared to most red meat being around 10% fat). I also have a lot of seafood in there, basa fish, marina and prawns. Once again, these are all really low fat proteins. I usually eat salmon two or three times a week, usually on weekends, and I have removed it except for Friday (after my weigh in).

These are only subtle changes, but should have a huge affect and help me 'fast track' my weight loss this week. 

My soups for morning tea - 
To fast track my progress that little bit more, I am also swapping my home made pea and ham soup that I have for morning tea at work with my pumpkin and corn soup. My home made pea and ham soup tastes divine and fits perfectly with my maintenance food plan, but the pumpkin and corn soup is healthier as split peas are actually really high in calories. Yes, I know we don't count calories on the TWD plan, but in this instance, as I want to hit my goal quickly, I know that by swapping my soups, I will give myself the best chance to reach my goal.

I have also committed myself to reduce my indulgences.

I accept that I am a sugar addict, and that I need to get back to restricting my indulgences to just my nightly ice cream.

I know that avoiding the biscuits will be difficult at work, but I have avoided them before at previous workplaces, and I have to keep avoiding them for my health.

So there we are... my strategies to get that 'bump' and put me back to my perfect maintenance weight.

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  1. I am hearing you! I am a sugar addict, with chocolate and lollies being my nemesis. I have slipped off the wagon lately too. I find that there are so many new varieties of chocolate available and have been almost uncontrollable in my sampling of them 😞 a few rows quickly turn into a half a block then the whole thing. I am strengthening my resolve to ditch a couple of pesky kgs that keep appearing, then disappearing. I have been following you for 18 months now you’re an inspiration for so many. Good luck with once again ditching the sugar