My maintenance journey so far

Quick Maintenance Update -
Hey everyone, just sharing a quick update on how I am traveling now that I am on maintenance.
Well I am happy to update that my weight has stayed ROCK SOLID (sorry, not sorry for the Dad Joke pun) since starting maintenance five weeks ago.

At the end of week 103, I was 85.4 kg, I had reached my ultimate goal of losing 100 kg to reach my maintenance weight of 85.4 kg.

If you have just joined me on my journey, I started just over two years ago, at 185.5 kg.

Since hitting my goal, my weight has consistently hovered between 84.5 kg and 85.5 kg.

And there have been many life challenges along my new Health Journey, which is now focusing on health and maintenance rather than weight loss.

Over these last few weeks, I have been challenged lifestyle and mentally with
- My workplace changing me to two days a week (60% pay cut)
- Me accepting a new role at a new company a few days later
- A change in work hours in my new role that has reduced my 'me time'

And food and health challenges have been
- My farewell lunch at The Coffee Club with my work colleagues
- My son's birthday family dinner at a restaurant
- My son's birthday family lunch at a cafe
- My son's birthday party with his friends
- And of course his birthday cake.

And I am proud to share that as my mindset has changed so much and so markedly from years ago, that there was barely a blip on the scales.

Two years of education on the program has taught me how to deal with 'life' from a diet and health perspective. I no longer track my food, but I am fully aware of everything I eat and how it fits into my new healthy lifestyle.

My food prep is now 'next level'.
For example, this weekend on Friday night, after a long week of working, I kicked off a big batch of home made Pea and Ham soup.
This made over 3 kilos of beautiful soup, which I measure out into 8 big serves and freeze for morning tea on my work days.

And then on Saturday morning, I cranked out the world famous (thanks to you guys) Pumpkin and Corn soup. While that was cooking away, I did the weekly shopping, and cooked up the Kangaroo burgers ready for my work lunches. 
I also cut up and seared 2 kg of chicken thighs in preparation for Sunday's food prep.

Today (Sunday), has seen me cook up a big batch of healthy Butter Chicken. This big batch created seven big 400 gram serves which will be frozen for future dinners and lunches (served with low GI Basmati rice for lunches).

I also will be prepping my afternoon teas by cutting up some fresh watermelon for the next few days and measuring out my tamari almonds and cashews.

Yesterday and today will also see me prepping my breakfasts by pre-cooking my eggs in the sous vide machine. Sous vide is a method of precision cooking in a bath of water at a consistent temperature and time. I batch cook fresh eggs for my son and I and put those eggs in the fridge to be re-heated and used for our breakfasts. BTW, sous vide eggs are definitely next level, like a cross between poached and soft boiled, but with a better texture.

Check out the sous vide egg below.
And yes, that is me breathing heavy with delight as the egg pops out.

Mental and physical health - turning negatives into positives -
Due to my job changes, my new role will see me with significantly less 'me time' with travel time and slightly different work hours. With my new role based in the city with no work from home options, this has meant that I will now have travel time eating into my personal time that I used to use for riding my bike or just having 'down time'.

As I now focus on my healthy lifestyle rather than weight loss, I have spent the time to work out how I can still get that little bit more exercise to make up for the reduction of riding my bike. I am also concerned with the whole Covid-19 global pandemic and the increased risk of infections by using public transport.

Plus, I really enjoy driving my MX-5.  😎

Taking these challenges and concerns into consideration, I have decided to drive daily into the city, but park about 1 km away from the office. This has two benefits, parking is MUCH cheaper just out of the city, but most importantly, I can now get two extra walks into my day. It is about a one kilometre walk to the office, so it gives me about an extra 20 minutes of incidental exercise to keep me healthy (on top of the one hour / six km daily walk).

This works for me, and is sustainable (which is critical).

And speaking of sustainability, my biggest tip for anyone on their health journey too.... 
Choose what is sustainable to you !

Sustainability has been critical to my success so far, and I think will be the key to my continued success in the future.

Everything in my journey so far has been sustainable.

- My diet is sustainable
- My meal prep is sustainable
- My exercise is sustainable.

Sure, life throws us curve balls all the time, but I know that if my lifestyle choices are sustainable, it is highly likely that my physical and mental health will not suffer when I have to deal with life's inevitable challenges.

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