How to make healthy home made chips / fries

Eating to lose weight doesn't mean you need to cut chips / fries from your diet.
Read on to see how I make crispy tasty home made chips that are super tasty, and also healthy.

If you are following the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, these chips track as a bread units, not indulgence.
And the best bit, their taste is far superior to any of those crappy oven fries that track as an indulgence and have zero nutritional value.

So what's the secret?
Read on and find out !

Here's the end result of my awesome Scallops and Chips.

What you'll need
An air fryer (perfect for healthy cooking) - I have two of the Kmart 3.2 litre air fryers.
One medium potato (around 230g to 250g)
Egg white

Introduction - 
As part of my weight loss journey, I decided to create my own meal plans. And rather than completely remove my favourite meals from my diet, I simply created healthy versions of my favourite meals. And as chips are a favourite of mine, I created this super healthy, super tasty version of them.

Start by cutting your peeled potatoes into chips and place in a saucepan of cold water.
Place on stove and heat.

Once the water is boiling, 
turn the heat down to medium high and boil for five minutes.
- Power-on the airfryer to 200c to pre-heat.

Note, boiling the potato chips longer than five minutes, will make them fall apart and basically become mash potato - Not good.

While the water is boiling
- Beat an egg white, but don't make it all frothy, you want about 50 - 50 froth

After boiling for five minutes rinse the boiled chips with hot water so the water is all clean but hot.

Drain the boiled chips
Add the egg white to a small plastic bag
Add the boiled chips to the bag full of egg white

Shake the bag to fully coat the chips in egg white.

Note - if you are new to airfryers, it is important to know that you need to purchase a spray bottle for oil. You can buy the Decor spray bottle for around $10 - $15. Using aerosol spray cans for oil can harm the air fryer. -

Spray the air fryer pan with oil and place the chips that are coated in egg white into pan.
Leave space around and between the chips to ensure air flow between them to assist in cooking.

Cook the chips on 200c for 7 minutes, and they should start to look nice. 
Now flip the chips.

The flipped chips should now have all the cooked crusty bits on top.
Cook for another 8 minutes (15 minutes total)
Check regularly to ensure they don't over cook.

The chips should now be cooked.
This is how mine look after the full 15 minute cook at 200c.

And here are my home made chips with some smoked fish.
I use a Cobb cooker to smoke chicken and fish, and they are also a great way to cook healthy.

This is one of my favourite meals of the week.
Scallops and chips !

Read on to find out how I cook my scallops in the air fryer.


I cook my thawed scallops at 200c for 10 minutes.
I buy my frozen scallops from Coles in the fresh seafood section. I simply ask for a frozen 1 kg bag which currently costs $42.
I cook each batch around 250g

Once they are thawed, I dry them with a paper towel

I then spray this pan to make sure the scallops don't stick.
I can't remember exactly where I bought the pan, but it could have been Kmart. I did actually carry the airfryer pan into the stores when looking for a pan to make sure it fit.

I also spray the scallops so they cook more evenly.

After 5 minutes at 200c, I flip them and cook for another 5 minutes at 200c.

The finished result.
And yes, they taste awesome!

They taste even better when served with my home made chips.

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  1. Thanks for all the great recipes. Guess who just gave her Air Fryer away because she had no clues how to use it! Back to the shops I go