Week 026 - Six months - Lookback and photos

Here it is... 
My 26 week / six month progress pic.

Look at my face !


I am so proud of this milestone.

Sticking with anything new for six months can be tough, and it is no different with my journey to health and fitness.

It hasn't been easy.

I have lost weight.
I have gained weight.
I have plateaued.

I have lost focus, and then refocused.

I have had great days, and I have had bad days.

There were days (sometimes a few in a row) where I 'pigged out'.

But for the majority of the time of the time, I stuck with it.

And it shows !


I need to be determined, and focused.

When I 'fall off the wagon', I need to pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back on.
I need to forgive myself for indiscretions.

And I have.

It can be a 'battle' sometimes.

I have to remember why I am doing it.
We all have different reasons why we decide to change our life for the better.
Usually it is for family - Sometimes it is for 'Me' - And sometimes it is for both.

Personally, for me, it is both.

If I am not fit and healthy, I can't look after and have a full life with my family.
And this is why my six month milestone review is so important.

It helps me focus on what is important.

Me... and my family, and my health.


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