Week 014 -16 kilos - Two big bags of dog food

Here it is... 
My second big milestone picture.

Two big bags of dog food - 16 kilos !

I love this pic !

I love the visual representation of the dog food bags showing how much weight I have lost.
Though I am not real sure of why it looks like I have a giant hand (What's with that) !

Milestones -
Early on I chose one of my milestones to be each 8 kilos I have to lose ( I need to lose 96 kilos to get to my old year 2000 weight of under 90 kg), and that works out to 12 x 8 kg bags of dog food.

You can check out my other dog food milestones -
- 8 kilos = One big bag of dog food - Blog post with picture
- 24 kilos = Three big bags of dog food - Blog post with picture and video

Anyway, I am super proud of this milestone and love the pic.

I am SO HAPPY in this pic.

Sure it was hard work to get this far, but it is part of the journey.

We have to work hard for anything that is important, and that is why I celebrate these milestones.

The 8 kilo bags of dog food.
Each 5 kilos lost is another excellent milestone to celebrate with a photo.
Each 10 kg threshold is also awesome. 

The time I went from 180 to 179.9 kg I felt incredible.

These milestone photos are a very important part of my journey. 

What milestones do you celebrate ?

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