Week 032 - 27.7 kilos lighter over 32 weeks !

Here it is - Week 032 - 27.7 kilos lost in 32 weeks.

The new shirt looks great and actually makes me look slimmer !
- Disclaimer - It is an old shirt that I grew out of a few years ago.

Hey everyone,

I would have preferred a bigger loss than only 600 grams this week considering all the effort I have been putting in with the exercise and strict diet (previous week was 900 g loss).

I need to constantly remind myself that I put the 95 kilos on over 16 years, it will take a few years to come off !

I do know that it is best to lose the weight slowly, but like everyone else, I feel like it is taking forever.

Things I noticed this week
- I now think like a fit person !

This is really weird and hard to explain, but I feel that I am living like a fit person trapped in a fat person's body.

I eat healthy.
I exercise regularly.
I track my food.
I track my progress.
I weigh every bit of food that goes in my mouth.

But I am still 'trapped' in my morbidly obese body.
It is really weird.

Other things I noticed this week.
- I need to measure everything, including my exercise.

I know that I slacked off and lost focus during weeks 13 - 26, and then I turned it around by going back to basics like measuring ALL my food. Read the article here - Link 

Since then, I have been exercising six days a week, with a mixture of 1,500 star jumps only on one day, and the next day with 500 star jumps and 500 water dumbbell movements while treading water.

I used to count that as a 40 minute water aerobics and a 60 minute water aerobics workout when adding to my exercise tracker. I thought that was accurate, but I never really timed it.

Today I timed it and my 60 minute workout was actually only 50 minutes.
Not really a big deal, but it just goes to prove that I really need to track EVERYTHING, including my exercise.

No doubt I will find that my 40 minute work out is only 30 - 35 minutes.  :P

Anyway, my health and fitness are improving daily and I have a new lease on life !


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