Week 046 - 43.5 kilos (95.90 lbs) lighter over 46 weeks! - I'm right on track!

I am still on track with a great weight loss this week - 

An AWESOME 1.2 kilos ! (2.64 lbs).

Last week was huge, a massive 1.7 kilos lost that week.
Although this week was a more modest 1.2 kilos, it keeps me perfectly on track for my major goal of losing 50 kilos in 52 weeks.

In fact, as you can see in the progress table below, I am currently 400g weight loss ahead of schedule. My target weight this week was 142.4 kg, and I weighed in today at 142.0 kg.
I was super happy with my progress on Monday, as I actually hit this week's target weight five days early ! 

My weight went crazy this week, with a massive 600 gram overnight loss one night, and then it went up 200 grams every night for the next two nights, until it evened out and finished with a nice 1.2 kilo loss for the week.

It just goes to show that our bodies do crazy stuff, but then seem to even out a few days a later.

Next big milestone is the 45 kilo mark, which I hope to hit in the next two weeks.
Once I hit 45.3 kilos, I also hit 100 pounds in the old measurements (seems MUCH more impressive).

Wish me luck.
I am so close I can almost smell that 50 kilo milestone.

Stay tuned for some exciting YouTube milestone videos coming soon for 45 kilos and of course the massive 50 kilo milestone.

I haven't changed any of my strategies, as they are keeping me focused.
So if you want to stay focused, I highly recommend you do the same as I do.

My five strategies below -
  • Think before eating - Will this food help me achieve my goal?
  • Enter new foods in food tracker BEFORE consuming
  • Be prepared for each and every meal
  • Maintain my current morning walk regime to six days a week for one hour
  • Maintain my resistance band workouts four to five days a week.

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