Week 051 - 49.8 kilos (109.8 lbs) lighter over 51 weeks! - My daily weigh-ins are up and down like a yo-yo

What a week ! 
Another 1.4 kilos gone this week - 
Only 200 grams away from 50 kilos lost !
Plus, my daily weigh-ins are up and down like a yo-yo.


First off, I can't believe I am SO CLOSE to my major milestone.

Next Friday will be my first anniversary of starting my health journey. As you know, my major goal for my one year milestone is to lose 50 kilos.

Well today, I am proud to announce that I am only 200 grams from that goal. Yep... I have now lost a total of 49.8 kilos!

It still amazes me that I have achieved so much, but I have to remember I still have a long way to go.

I still have another 36 kilos to reach my ultimate goal of under 100 kilos.


My daily weigh-ins are up and down like a yo-yo.

I can't believe how much my weight fluctuates madly during the week.
I know that this will happen, and I accept it, but it is really amazing just how much it changes over the week.

I officially record my week every Friday, but I still weigh myself daily to keep me focused on my goals. I don't really understand why it changes so much as weight loss isn't linear, and this shows when I look at my history, there really is no clear pattern.

This week's history -
The jump on Sunday is most likely due to the fact that Saturday is my rest day (no exercise) and I still consume roughly the same amount of food units / calories. And I did consume a bit more on the Wednesday which may explain the 400g gain on the Thursday.

However, the days before my temporary gain I have had huge losses, so it is most likely my body just adjusting.

The point of this post is really to show everyone that our body weight fluctuates daily, and can vary by huge amounts, and that is not taking into considerations of the challenges that women face with menstrual cycles and water retention.

Guys really have it much easier than women do when it comes to weight loss.
Guys still have to work hard, but it does seem to be easier for guys.
I have read this is due to biology with guys generally having a higher muscle ratio, which boosts our metabolism.

At any point, it is important to remember the following.

  • Weight loss is different for everyone
  • Don't compare your weight loss to someone else's.
    • They may be exercising more than you.
    • They may be eating less than you
    • They may be eating more than you
  • They are NOT you - so their journey will be different.

Look at the big picture.

  • How do you feel?
  • Are you clothes loose?
  • Has your fitness improved?
  • Are you more comfortable during the day?
  • Has your quality of life improved?
This is what you need to focus on rather than if the scales haven't moved as much you had hoped for or think you deserved.

The numbers on that scale may not please you today, but that may change in a few days or weeks.

Play the long game !


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