Week 061 - 60.9 kilos (134.26 lbs) lighter over 61 weeks! - Major milestones achieved, plus some awesome non-scale victories

Major milestones achieved! 
Plus some awesome non-scale victories


Regular readers of this blog will know how important NSVs are (Non-Scale Victories).

I covered this in my last blog post here - Link -
and I discuss how Pennie, my dietitian at CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, told me to concentrate on the non-scale victories rather than just concentrating on the numbers on the scale.

This resonated with me as I was growing frustrated as I was following the diet and exercise regime perfectly, but not seeing the reward on the scales I thought I deserved.

Well the great news is that the non-scale victories eventually lead to scale victories.

Over the last two weeks I have lost 1.9 kilos
- 200 grams two weeks ago, and 1.7 kilos this last week.

But the best part is, I have achieved two awesome milestones.

The first milestone is cracking the elusive 125 kilo mark.
It feels like forever, but I cracked the 130 kilo milestone only five weeks ago.
I know that I am losing almost exactly one kilo a week consistently, but some of my weekly losses have been small, but then followed up with a large one, which messes with my head.
I have to constantly remind myself that weight loss is not linear, and that it changes constantly.

Anyway, it was a pretty awesome day on Friday as I officially cracked under the 125 kilos.
In fact, I hit 124.6 kilos, so I am pretty proud of this achievement.

And this leads on to my next victory.

I have now lost over 60 kilos !

Just thinking of that makes me tear up a bit.

All my hard work, dedication and consistency is paying off in big dividends.
Seeing that number makes it all worth while.

But the non-scale victories are also so important.

I now record my non-scale victories as they happen, so I can review them with Pennie.
This is an important part of my dietitian sessions, and it really does help with motivation.

I strongly recommend you do the same.

  • Record your non-scale victories and share them with your partner / friend.
  • Share them with the official TWD facebook group.

I would love you to share them in my private Facebook Motivation and Support Group - Link

So here are my personal non-scale victories for the last two weeks.

  • Avoided junk food during my son’s sleepover birthday
  • Avoided chocolates at work
  • Only had one quarter of a tiny quiche at work morning tea
  • Had only one small piece of birthday cake
  • Ate my own meals at a three day training course
  • Donated a LOT of the clothes that are now too big for me
  • Bought some trousers the next two sizes down - 127cm and 117cm - for the future slimmer me
  • Continue with food prep
  • Continue with walking
  • Continue with meal plan
And my favourite one - buying the new trousers for the future slimmer me.
I can't explain how happy I was to be going to Target and Lowes, and browsing through the lower end of the Big Guy section.
The only bad part is, I only get about 5 - 8 weeks before I need to go down a size.
But what a great 'problem' to have !

Anyway, the most important part of this strategy?
- Write the successes down, and review them weekly!

I'd love to hear of your successes, so join my Facebook Support Group, and keep in touch.
It's a private Facebook group, so only other members will see what you post.

Bye for now !


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