Week 062 - 63.3 kilos (139.55 lbs) lighter over 62 weeks! - Losing TOO MUCH weight now !

You read that right.

I am actually losing too much weight.

I have lost 2.4 kilos this last week.
But when I broke it down, I had lost 4 kilos in 11 days.

Now you might think that is a pretty awesome problem to have, but losing weight too quickly can have some bad affects. Not the end of the world bad, but I am tweaking my diet and exercise to try and maintain my muscle mass and lose fat, not muscle. So it is important for me to try and hit one kilo a week weight loss, consistently, with the majority of that being fat loss.

I still have 22 kilos to get to my initial major goal of cracking the 99.9 kilo mark, so I still have a lot to go, but slow and steady wins the race. I also need to not overdo it, so it really is a balance and I constantly need to monitor and adjust my diet and exercise.

The weird part about this high weight loss is that I have not really changed my diet at all.
The only real change was that due to time constraints and me slightly injuring myself, I was unable to do my resistance bands for a full week.

So I reached out to Pennie, my dietitian at CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet (no, this in not a paid advertorial)  😋

Before she replied, I had decided to increase my protein by adding a poached egg over the course of the day. This would mean that I don't increase my red meat consumption, but still get an extra 100 odd calories of protein. Not too much, not too little.

Pennie replied back and pretty much confirmed that an egg was a perfect choice, and to make sure that I did the resistance bands. There is no certainty as to why I had the high losses EVERY single day, but this was the best step forward.

I will share her email, as if you know me, you will see the humour in her response.

- snip -
You could look to increase either a healthy fats unit, a fruit or a diary unit.
I’d be reluctant to increase protein unit unless it’s in the form of an egg or a plant based protein like kidney beans/chickpeas/tofu.
- snip -

I laughed out loud at that !!!

I thought Pennie would have known me by now and be aware there was NO CHANCE of me eating kidney beans, chickpeas or tofu !

To be fair, she keeps pushing me to eat green vegetables as well, so you gotta love her persistence. 😂

So the results so far?

I added an extra egg on Friday and Saturday and Sunday.
I made sure I did the resistance bands on each of those days.

And the result...

On Sunday I lost nothing - STATIC - Not up... Not down.
I never thought I would be so happy to NOT see a change in the scales.

But today - Monday - SUCCESS !!!
I had a 300 gram weight gain...


I never thought I would be happy to see an INCREASE in my weight, but hopefully it means that my body is readjusting.

For the time being I will either add an egg, or a vegetable soup (from Woolies), which are healthy ways to increase my calorie intake temporarily while my body finds its mojo again.

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Bye for now !


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