Week 063 - 63.8 kilos (139.55 lbs) lighter over 63 weeks! - I've lost as much as my work colleague weighs !!!

I've lost as much as my work colleague weighs!
Plus an update on me losing weight too quickly.


So this photo is my favourite new photo.
This shows perfectly how much weight I have lost so far on my journey.
I have lost the same weight of my work colleague !

My work colleagues know about my weight loss journey, and it just so happened the other day that Sally asked me how I was going.

I then explained that I had lost 63 kilos so far.
She then exclaimed "That's as much as I weigh!'.

Well then really put my success so far into perspective.
I have lost the same weight as an entire woman !

That really hits home.

Imagine, I was living my life, as if I was carrying Sally around 24 x 7 - 365 days a year ! 

But the photo has really made meant a lot to me for one simple reason.

I look so close to now being a 'normal' size.

All of my photos over the last 14 months have been half length photos.
So this was the first time I have really seen myself full length.
And it has really made an impact on me of just how far I have come so far.

Sure, I still have over 20 more kilos to lose to weigh under 99.9 kilos, but I love looking at this photo and seeing myself as being close to my goal of being what I consider a 'normal size'.


An update on me losing weight too quickly.

If you've been following my blog posts, you would have seen that I had been actually losing too much weight.
Last week's post - Link

It may seem like an awesome 'problem' to have, but I do need to be careful as I need to keep as much muscle mass as possible, while losing as much fat as possible.

So as a quick recap, I had lost 2.4 kilos this previous week.
But when I broke it down, I had lost 4 kilos in 11 days.

I was worried that losing that much weight in so little time was not healthy, and my TWD dietitian agreed.

I adjusted my diet by adding an egg each day for that Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as commit to doing my resistance bands.

This eventuated to a gain of 300 gram on the Monday, followed by a 600 gram gain on the Tuesday.
I also had a few big losses over the week.

All up, over the week, I had lost 500 gram.
Normally this would be disappointing, but this meant that I had 'corrected' my high weight loss for the last few weeks.

Anyway, this all means that I am now educated and empowered to analyse and alter my diet and exercise regime to meet my constantly changing needs.

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Bye for now !


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