Week 064 - 64.7 kilos (142.63 lbs) lighter over 64 weeks! - How I maximise my exercise with no extra time !

Nice weight loss this week - 900 grams
Plus, I show you how I maximise my exercise with no extra time.


Hi Everyone,

I have had a bit of a man cough this week, so I didn't want to overdo it with my exercise, so I dropped the speed of my treadmill down from 5.2 km per hour to only 4.6 km per hour. I also decided not to use my weight vest for a while just give my body a little bit of a break while I am getting over my cough.

So what's this weight vest?

I'm glad you asked.  😉

I got to thinking a few months ago, "What am I going to do in the future when my fitness inevitably improves so much that walking is no longer challenging?"

Not wanting to run and possibly injure myself, I would prefer just to walk.

This will actually be a problem for me, as with my new job, I am very tight for time, so I can't just walk for a longer period of time. Plus, I am already include six decent hills in my weekend walks to challenge myself, so what will happen in the future?

I then had the great idea to buy myself a weight vest.
It looks a bit like a bullet proof vest, but it allows me to add one kilo weights in little pockets as I want, bringing it up to a total weight of 30 kilos, plus one kilo for the actual vest.

My reckoning was that if I start wearing the vest when my weight drops to around 125 kilos, I can then start wearing the vest and add a kilo every time I lose a kilo in body weight.

This will mean that I will constantly be exercising as if my body weight was 125 kilos. And as the vest can hold 30 kilos total, I can be exercising at that weight, even when I get down to 95 kilos body weight.

So far, I have been using the weight vest for a few weeks now. It gives me a REALLY good sweat, as the vest is hugging and I have no air flow underneath those spots obviously. I can definitely feel the difference when wearing the vest, even though at this stage I am only loading it up with four x one kilo blocks.

This week, due to my man cough (*cough, cough*), I did my walks without the vest, and there was quite a difference between this and when wearing the vest.

Looking at the future, I can definitely see this being a valuable purchase that will keep me fit by pushing me further as I lose even more weight.

I got mine from eBay for around $120. If you want one, just make sure you really check the details of the item as many of them don't include the weights, which means you will need to fill up little bags of sand. I just found one for $88, but there is $36 delivery, which brings it close to the $120 I paid anyway.

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