Week 065 - 66.3 kilos (146.16 lbs) lighter over 65 weeks! - My 15 month health review

My 15 month health review !

It's now been exactly 15 months since I started on my health journey, and every three months I get my DEXA scan so I can review my progress on a medical level. A DEXA scan is a medically accurate full body scan. It is as accurate as possible without doing an autopsy (I think it is a bit early for one of those).

Unfortunately, I didn't discover the DEXA scan until three months into my journey, and I really regret I don't have the stats from day 1. Looking back now, those stats would have been mind blowing.

Historically, my week 52 scan was the first time I was able to fit within the line markers of the DEXA scan. Previously, I was too wide to get the scan, so the technician had to 'half' my body and replicate the stats for the other side so we could actually have a semi accurate scan.

It is a huge milestone to know that I can now fit within the line markers.

The stats below will show my stats at 3 months and 15 months (a twelve month progression).

DEXA statistics - For one year of DEXA scans
Note, I only started my DEXA scans at Week 13.
DEXA weights may vary from my official TWD weights as the scales are different and the DEXA scan may not be on my official weigh in days.

Weight transformation - DEXA
Week 013 - 167.8 kg
Week 065 - 119.3 kg
Summary - Excellent weight loss of 48.5 kg in one year!

Body Fat Kg - DEXA
Week 013 - 81.03 kg
Week 065 - 40.9 kg
Summary - This is a great statistic. My body fat in kilos dropped a massive 41 kilos in one year!

Body Fat % - DEXA
Week 013 - 48.3%
Week 065 - 34.3 %
Summary - I love this statistic. My body fat % dropped 14% - in one year !
Healthy body fat percentage for a male my age is around 22%

Lean Mass Kg - DEXA
Week 013 - 83.25 kg
Week 065 - 74.74 kg
Summary - It is virtually impossible to lose fat only, and it is remarkable to lose 48 kg total in one year and only have 8.5 kilos of that as muscle loss. That converts to around 17% of my weight loss being muscle and 83% of my weight loss being fat.
This shows that my resistance training is helping to maximise fat loss and minimise muscle loss.

VAT - (the dangerous fat around my organs) - DEXA
Week 013 - 387 cm2
Week 065 - 124 cm2
Summary - Healthy target is 100 cm2 
This is a great statistic. The dangerous fat around my organs has plummeted from a staggering 387 cm2 down to only 124 cm2. The healthy range is 100 cm2, so it is amazing that I am so close to being in the healthy range!

Health stats update
No longer pre-diabetic
Resting heart rate is around 50 bpm.
Blood pressure is now 125 / 78 - (Fifteen months ago it was 146 / 100)
Cholesterol is perfect

Measurements -
Week 000 - Shirt size - 9XL - 142 cm
Week 065 - Shirt size - 2XL - 117 cm

Week 000 - Pants size - 157 cm (62 inch)

Week 065 - Pants size - 122 cm (48 inch)

Summary - That is some impressive movement on the clothes sizes!
Check out my one year milestone video on YouTube and Facebook for the astonishing video of me in my old super-sized clothes!

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