Week 066 - 65.8 kilos (145 lbs) lighter over 66 weeks! - Gained 500g this week - How it happened and why it doesn't matter!

Gained 500 grams this week - 
Plus, how it happened and why it doesn't matter!


In the past nine months, I have only gained weight twice, once it was 300g in one week, and the other time it was only 100g that week.

Well this week I have gained 500 grams, but I don't care.

And why don't I care?

It was our 25th wedding anniversary and we had a celebratory dinner.... Just the two of us...
And it was great.

I ate what I wanted, but I didn't go crazy.

I ordered entree, and it was deep fried (I would normally avoid food like this).
But I was at a high end Italian restaurant, and it was a beautiful arancini  rice ball, and it was awesome.
- Arancino Catanese, homemade Sicilian rice balls filled with a slow cooked beef ragù and fior di latte cheese.

I ordered a sand crab risotto for mains. I would normally avoid a food like this as I already had all my breads / carbs for the day.
But I was celebrating our wedding anniversary, and it was important to enjoy the moment.
The risotto was divine, and filling.
- Risotto con Polpa di Granchio, Carnaroli rice served with fresh sandcrab meat, a touch of tomato, chilli and crustacean bisque.

And then I ordered dessert. Once again I would normally avoid dessert at a restaurant and just eat my nightly ice cream at home.
But this time, I decided to not worry for one night... To enjoy myself... to get swept up in the delight that is fine food.

The dessert consisted of pistacchio cake, chocolate cake, vanilla gelato and biscuit crumbs. It was divine.
It was so awesome, I am sure I had an 'eye twitch' while eating it !
- Dolci di Casa Nostra, our family recipe from Bronte, Sicily, a duo of pistacchio cake and decadent chocolate cake, served warm with a quenelle of vanilla gelato, finished with biscotti crumbs.

This is actually a pretty important mental milestone.

This shows how much I have learned so far in my 15 month journey.
I can celebrate.
I can then go back to concentrating on my health.
I can enjoy fine food without guilt.
I can control myself.

It is important that I eat healthy CONSISTENTLY.
I don't do this every week. I follow my meal plan the vast majority of the time.

Consistency is king.

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